Unique Grilling Tips from Around the World

June 13, 2018 The arrival of summer usually comes with an increase in outdoor grilling and barbecues. Although grilling is often identified as being a popular United States pastime, many other countries in the world also use grills to cook their foods. Grilling techniques vary both within the United States and in other countries. Check out just a few of those unique grilling tips and grill ideas below.

Two of the most common methods of grilling in the United States are through a charcoal or gas heat source. Another common but less used method is wood fire grilling, which is used here by Shooter's Wood Fire Grill. Wood grilling adds a unique flavor to the food that is difficult to achieve through other methods of cooking. All three of the previously mentioned techniques can be used to simply cook meat, but also smoke meat to give it another layer of flavor. Within charcoal, gas, and wood fire grilling, there are also numerous different ways to cook and prepare food. A newer grilling trend is the infrared grill, which is a gas powered grill that uses infrared technology to actually cook the food. This technique helps provide uniform heat to the food and is ideal for searing meat.

Similar to the United States, international grilling uses different grills and grilling techniques. Starting in Asia, the Japanese use a hibachi grill, which traditionally is a container designed to hold burning charcoal. It is now more commonly used to refer to the hot iron plates that are used in many Japanese restaurants. China is known for their rotisserie style grilling. The roasting of various meats on an open fire or wood burning stove is known as siu mei in Cantonese. Korean grilling, or gogigui, uses gas or charcoal heat sources, but the grill itself is built into the center of the dining table.

Additional unique grilling tips from other countries include Germany's schwenker grill, or swinging grill. The swinging cooking grate hangs over an open wood or charcoal fire and various meats and other foods are placed on the grate to cook. Beech wood is the ideal heat source for its flavor, but other methods can also be used for a similar result. Last but not least is the Middle Eastern/Eastern European mangal grill, which uses charcoal or wood. The grill itself is similar to any open flame grill, but is rectangular shaped with holders to place skewers on instead of having a grate to set the food on.

You can use these grill ideas to spice up your grilling this summer and impress your friends with all of your international grilling knowledge. Also, don't forget to stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill and experience our delicious wood fire grilled Filet Mignon, Ribeye, New York Strip, and much more!

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