Twelve Facts you didn't know about Football

September 22, 2015 The leaves are changing, pumpkin flavored and scented everything has invaded our stores and homes, the sun is setting earlier, air is getting cooler, and that can only mean one thing. Football is back! If you're like many of us here at Shooter's, we live for football season and plan meals around football games. There is nothing better than a Sunday (or Thursday or Monday night) with friends, crowded around a TV, ice cold brews, and great football food. Here are a few facts about football that I bet you didn't know (but can impress your friends with at your next party):

  • Of the 32 NFL teams, only four have not made it to the Super Bowl: the Houston Texans, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Detroit Lions, and the Cleveland Browns. Houston, Jacksonville, and Detroit have all hosted a Super Bowl, however.

  • About 4,000 footballs are produced daily by Wilson, the exclusive maker of NFL footballs since 1941. That is one ball for every Eli Manning interception.

  • The Super Bowl trophy costs $25,000.

  • Super Bowl rings cost $5,000 each and the NFL pays for 150 rings to go to the winning team.

  • The first televised football game in 1939 drew an audience of 500, which is 112,200,500 people less than watched last year's Super Bowl.

  • It takes 600 cows to make one full season's worth of footballs.

  • The ball in a game is usually only in play for 11 minutes. About 56% of the game on TV is devoted to replays.

  • As many as 75 minutes of total TV air time is spent on shots of players standing on the line of scrimmage, huddling, or walking around. That is about 60% of TV air time.

  • Injured players get roughly six more seconds of camera time than celebrating players.

  • Each team in the NFL has an average value of $1 billion. There are 32 teams in the NFL.

  • The average attendance for an NFL game is 66,957 spectators, compared to 30,135 for MLB games.

  • The NFL has annual revenue of $9 billion, with a profit of $1 billion, compared to MLB with an annual revenue of $7.2 billion and a profit of $49 million.

Throwing a football party can be exciting, but a lot of work. From food prep, to cleanup, having that many people in your house can distract you from what's really going on: the football game. So skip the party at your house and bring the party to Shooter's! Why host everyone at your place, when you can meet them all here and we'll cook for you, clean up for you, and you won't miss a single pass, interception, field goal, tackle, or touchdown.

With 11 TVs throughout the place, a full size bar, and a menu with all of your favorite football food (including our award winning wings), Shooter's is the ideal place to host your fantasy football team and watch how all of your players compete. You can even cheer as loudly as you like.

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