New Year's Party App Ideas

December 21, 2018 There are two essential rules when it comes to New Year's party app ideas, and that's easy clean up and even easier to make. With that basic idea in mind, we put together our own list of New Year's party app ideas that everyone can make and enjoy regardless of your cooking skill level.

Just remember, if you don't feel comfortable making any of these apps yourself, you can always order Shooter's direct from home using Food Dudes or Bite Squad.


Ultimate Party Chex Mix

No New Year's Eve party could be complete without a decent party mix. Buttery pretzels, whole cashews, Chex mix, and Cheese-Itz are all you need to create a party mix your guests will remember for a long time.

Super Easy Bacon Deviled Eggs

Everyone loves deviled eggs, especially your party guests after they try this unique recipe. Basically, for an extra kick to your normal deviled eggs routine, you can add tiny strips of bacon and whatever spices you love on top. The bacon strips really take this guest favorite appetizer over the top.

Spicy Bacon Wrapped Weenies

We've all had mediocre little smokies before, and they're typically nothing to write home about. What if you added bacon and jalapenos though? Well you're about to find out that it's absolutely amazing. Grab some toothpicks and drive it through the bacon, jalapeno slices, and weenies. Your guests will thank you kindly.

Amazing Guacamole Dip

Having a solid guacamole dip available for your party is a no-brainer. All you need are avocados, onions, diced tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno peppers, salt, lime, and you've got yourself one of the best guacamole dips money can buy.

Classic Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are great for any party guests who want to eat healthy, and also don't eat meat. Pick up some premade stuffed mushrooms or mix together some cream cheese, parmesan, parsley, and thyme to stuff them yourself.

Extra Cheesy Mozzarella Sticks

Here's another option for the vegetarians. Look… we all love cheese, it's just a part of being human. Luckily mozzarella sticks are an easy appetizer to prepare for any cheese lovers if you're up to the task. With a little bit of flour, eggs, breadcrumbs, cheese, and a few extras you're going to have plenty of sticks to go around.

If you've got the right cooking equipment to go along with your ingredients, and a good mozzarella stick recipe, then there's really nothing stopping you from creating this New Year's party staple.

Have Shooters Delivered!

Keep in mind, you can always order Shooter's from Food Dudes or Bite Squad if you don't feel like preparing anything yourself. We've got plenty of starters and appetizers that will go great with your New Year's party. Our starters include boneless chicken tenders, shooter nachos, cheesy bread, poutine, chicken aioli flatbread, sliders, Florentine flatbread, and a creamy artichoke dip to name a few. You can even order chicken wings for the whole event with your favorite sauces, BBQ, Asian zinger, garlic parmesan, mild, hot, thermal nuclear, extreme, and fiery mango.

So order Shooters today if you don't feel like making your own apps, and let us cook something special up for your New Year's party!

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