History of Chicken Wings

August 6, 2018 Whether you like your chicken wings with barbecue sauce, garlic Parmesan, Asian zinger, or mild, you'll find the option that's sure to satisfy your palate at Shooters Wood Fire Grill. Wings are a great dish any day of the week and can be served with fries, vegetables, as a meal, or as an appetizer. But do you know how chicken wings first come about and why are they so popular now?


The first plate of wings was served in 1964 at a family-owned restaurant, the Anchor Bar, in Buffalo, NY. Teressa Bellissimo, the owner of the bar, needed to decide what to do with chicken wings that accidentally arrived at her bar instead of the chicken parts she requested. One night when her son and his friends were hungry and looking for a snack, she realized it was a great opportunity to use some of the chicken wings. Teressa prepared the wings by frying them and then covering them in a hot sauce to make the first Buffalo wings.

Chicken wings were once the least popular part of the chicken. They were only used in soups and stock or thrown away. After news of the wings got out, they became one of the most popular parts of the chicken. Chicken wings started out mainly being served using buffalo or hot sauce, but other sauces became more common as restaurants started to pick up on this food trend. The different sauces allowed restaurants to differentiate their wings from others.

But why celery and blue cheese?

When you order wings they're normally delivered with celery and bleu cheese. They not only help combat the heat of the hot sauce, but this was also the way that Teressa originally served them at the restaurant. And, bam, just like that, the iconic Buffalo wing dish was born!

A popular football fare

Wings can be eaten at any time and mostly anywhere in the US, but they are extremely popular during football games. Since the wings originated in Buffalo in the 60s, they gained a lot of attention when the Buffalo Bills played in the Super Bowl four years in a row.

Buffalo Wild Wings, founded in 1982, and Hooters, opened in 1983, became well-known restaurants for their chicken wings. Domino's and Pizza Hut both also added wings to their menus after the Buffalo Bills football team helped make wings become even more popular.

Now stop in and eat some!

Chicken wings are now served in almost every restaurant and sports bar. It's the perfect snack, or meal, if you're down for some great flavors and ultimately, like to get messy. Stop in to Shooters Wood Fire Grill today for some chicken wings and choose from our variety of delicious sauces and dry rubs!


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