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15 Things You Didn't Know About French Fries

October 23, 2014

Freak. Weirdo. Nutjob. Deviant. Lunatic. Misfit. Wacko. Fruit loop. Kook. Miscreant. If you have ever been called one of these names, chances are it's because you vocalized a dislike for French fries (if that wasn't the case, the name caller was clearly confused).

The French fry is a thing of beauty. Food of the gods (and presidents for that matter). It's a masterpiece crafted by the hands of saints. A prize. But seriously, French fries are amazing! That's why we set out to learn anything and everything about the crispy delicious food. We may have missed a few things… but here's the gist:

  1. Belgians eat the most French fries per capita (in Europe).

  2. Most English speaking countries call thick fried potato slices chips, and thin fried potato slices fries. In Norm America, we call all thicknesses of fried potato slices fries, but we add a descriptor to the beginning e.g. steak fries, curly fries, etc.

  3. “Potatoes deep-fried while raw, in small cuttings” — one of the first times fries were referred to as French — was Thomas Jefferson's dinner request for a White House dinner party in 1802.

  4. Fast food restaurants are known to spray their French fries with sugar to caramelize the outside — probably why we like them so much!

  5. Depending on where you travel, you might eat fries with ketchup, mayo, malt vinegar, banana ketchup, or a fried egg (like in Belgium).

  6. In the 1700s, the Irish and Scottish were spooked by the lack Biblical reference to the potato and refused to plant them.

  7. And the rest of Europe believed they were disease causing and poisonous. Wasn't a great time to be a potato.

  8. McDonalds fries their French fries twice.

  9. “Potato” evolved from the Haitian word “batata” (sweet potato). The Spaniards changed it to “patata” and the English changed it to “potato”.

  10. Potato Parties are a real thing. What do you do at a potato party you ask? You eat mass amounts of French fries, of course! These parties are a popular fad in Japan and Korea.

  11. In the 1800s, potatoes were the primary food source for most Irish. Ironically enough, this is when a fungus nearly wiped the potato out in the well-known Irish potato famine.

  12. Americans reportedly eat 29 pounds of French fries every year (each).

  13. Belgium has a museum dedicated to potatoes and fries.

  14. The USDA classifies frozen, batter-covered French fries as “fresh vegetables”. That means they're good for you, right?

  15. French fries ARE good for you! They contain potassium, fiber, B6 vitamins, and a bunch of other amazing stuff that means French fries are good for you. It's a great day.

And THAT is skinny on French fries. You are now not only an enjoyer of fries, but a fry savant. Go forth and spread the word. And if you aren't in a state of total euphoria, head on down to Shooters Wood Fire Grill for a basket of French fries, waffle fries or sweet potato fries — we'll make wonderful things happen!


Top That! Crazy/Weird Burger Toppings

October 8, 2014

It never hurts to shake things up and try something new and exciting, but you have to wonder if the world of tasty delights hasn't gone a step too far with some of the crazy burger toppings out there! When your burger contains everything but the kitchen sink, it may be time to reconsider your eating habits. But burger lovers around the world are telling us we're wrong. Here are the top 7 weird burger toppings trending right now.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter and jelly? Sure. Peanut butter and honey? Why not. Peanut butter and banana? Absolutely. But peanut butter and beef? Really? The masses say yes, yes, triple YES! And it's no surprise restaurants are responding to these demands. Not only that, but it's not uncommon to add additional ingredients (several of which are traditional classics like those mentioned above). One Canadian restaurant markets their peanut butter burger as the “Elvis Burger” featuring bacon, peanut butter and fried banana. As strange or intriguing as this concept is, it's here to stay and it's just the tip of the weird topping iceberg.


What's the next logical step from peanut butter? Nutella, of course. If peanuts did it well, hazelnuts did it even better and that's the philosophy for this disgustingly delicious combo (or so we're told). The thing about the famed Nutella burger is everyone does it differently, and there's no holding back! In addition to Nutella, one strange burger combo includes fresh strawberries, fresh mint, passion fruit gelatin, and a donut bun. Others keep it simple with a bun-patty-Nutella combo. Either way, this isn't a burger topping you're soon to forget.

Macaroni and Cheese

This trend is not exactly new, but it's still strange. What makes a greasy burger more delicious? Ooey, gooey, cheesy carbs, that's what! Admittedly, this topping sounds a little more on par with your typical burger taste profile. So what makes it so odd? Some people add mac'n'cheese to their regular burger. Others decided to go the healthy route and deep fry their mac'n'cheese into not one, but two patty-like shapes to replace the burger bun. Go big or go home, right?

Deep-Fried Lasagna

Because the Macaroni and Cheese Burger has been around for so long, it only makes sense that someone would come along to capitalize on the concept… and they have with the Deep-Fried Lasagna Burger. Topped with tomato sauce, hot peppers and mozzarella, we'll be the first to admit this odd combo sounds sinfully delicious!

Maple Syrup

It's no surprise this burger topping comes straight from our neighbors to the North. But Americans sure have taken the concept and run with it. This, no doubt, comes from our recent obsession with maple/bacon and chicken/waffle flavored everything. So, why not a burger?



Dinner and dessert all rolled into one? This is that burger. Scrap the traditional buns and replace those bad boys with donuts and wa-la. You've got the Donut Burger. Some choose to take this burger in a breakfast direction with bacon and eggs, others go for the traditional toppings like pickles, ketchup, mustard, bacon and cheese. We choose to scrunch our faces in judgment and move right along to the next weird burger topping combo.


Yet another bun replacer, this budget burger uses fried Ramen to spice things up. Ramen buns are a crowd pleaser and have become so popular they've expanded to the sandwich world. Originally, Ramen buns were reserved for teriyaki and Asian influenced burger flavors. Now you can find almost any burger on a Ramen noodle bun… if you know where to look.

The burger world has taken a turn for the weird. From peanut butter to donut buns to an entire piece of lasagna, if it's edible, we'll try it on a burger. What new combination will we think of next?

Feeling hungry? Head to Shooters Wood Fire Grill for one of our classic takes on the hamburger and if you really love burgers, stop by after 8pm for our buy-one-get-one burger special!


7 Things You Didn't Know About Steak

September 27, 2014

Steak isn't simply a delicious food we eat from time to time when the budget allows for it. It's an experience. Steak holds such a special place in the hearts of Americans, we've turned the preparation and consumption of steak into an event. We carefully select fresh spices, concocting our own special blend for a preparatory rub or marinade. Life slows down when we slap that well-seasoned slab of beef on the grill. We soak in the sweet aromas and smack our lips at the juicy perfection as we load it onto our plates. And we devour every morsel, one exaggeratedly slow-motion bite at a time. We love steak.

We at Shooters love it so much, we decided to nerd-out about it. Did you know…

    Cow Close Up
  1. A single cow produces (on average) 460 pounds of steak. Yes, pounds. That accounts for between 38% and 44% of the cow. And that's your average cow. When you start considering a big, beefy, above-average bovine… oh, the possibilities.

  2. No surprise… beef is the most popular red meat in the good ol' U.S. of A. But the rest of the world… they're in a tizzy over goat. Let them have their goat, we say. More steak for us!

  3. The word “steak” comes from the Saxon word “steik” meaning meat on a stick. Note, that says meat not beef. Though Americans use steak to describe meats other than beef (e.g. tuna steak), the term steak by itself implies steak in the U.S.

    Ironically enough, steak on a stick is a local favorite in South Dakota — the ever popular Chislic.

  4. Slapping a juicy steak on the grill didn't become an American pastime until the 1950s. We have always grilled our meat over a warm open fire, and by always we mean since we learned how to make fire, but it wasn't a big ordeal until not so long ago. Is it any surprise? We had just ended a world war and we wanted to enjoy life to the fullest. With steak.

  5. Ever wonder why we call it getting “beefed up” when someone packs on the muscle with the help of steroids? Well here's your answer. Ranchers have access to roughly 30 FDA-approved growth hormones to “beef up” their cattle. Not only that, these growth hormones are responsible for producing an additional 700 million pounds of steak each year! The perk? Ranchers save on feed (roughly 6 billion pounds) and in turn, the price of our steak doesn't skyrocket.

  6. Can you name every cut of beef? Betcha can't! A cow produces 50+ cuts of meat. Variety is the spice of life, right? You probably are familiar with the five most popular cuts, which are (in no particular order): top sirloin steak, New York strip steak, t-bone steak, chuck pot roast, and top round steak.

  7. White meat… the other red meat. Okay, not really. But if you've ever had Kobe beef, you might know what we're getting at here. One of the most expensive steaks in the world looks white when it's raw. Why? The piggly, pampered cows that produce Kobe beef are… you guessed it… incredibly fatty. They're so fatty that their meat looks almost white when it's raw.


Thanks for taking a few minutes to nerd-out with us in celebration of this delicious, melt-in-your-mouth staple of life, steak. Now come join us down at Shooters Wood Fire Grill for a fresh, daily hand cut USDA Choice Angus steak… we promise to make it worth your while!


The History of French Fries

September 12, 2014

Golden brown, crispy, crunchy potatoey goodness. French fries are an all-time favorite found at most American restaurants throughout the U.S. Whether they're smothered in chili or dipped in ketchup, we just can't get enough! Have you ever wondered what genius brought us this magically delicious treat? We have… and here's the answer. We present to you, the History of French Fries.

It all began in Colombia, the coffee-producing capital of the world! We know what you're thinking. What do French fries and coffee have to do with each other? And the answer is simply, Colombians. In the early 1500s a Spanish gentleman by the name of Jimenez de Quesada pilfered goods left behind in a Colombian village where he discovered potatoes. He, of course, brought these lumpy, exotic products of the earth back to Spain and Italy a few years later.

potatoJimenez attempted to grow potatoes of his own in the less than favorable Spanish soil. Though not an immediate success, his persistence resulted in slightly evolved, less bitter potatoes. Jimenez essentially planted the French fry seed, if you will, and potato popularity gradually spread throughout Europe.

Flash forward to Belgium sometime in the late 17th or 18th century. These fish feasting fiends were known to slice fresh fish into long slivers and fry them. A beloved staple in Belgian cuisine until rivers developed a thick layer of ice in the cold winters. It was during one such winter an ingenious Belgian decided to swap the fish slivers for potato slivers.

Right about now you're probably thinking, okay but they're called FRENCH fries. Where do the French enter the scene?

Though the Belgians spurred the idea of fried potato slices, the French popularized this concept. Originally the French believed potatoes to be disease-causing junk and used them exclusively as hog feed. Alleged to cause leprosy, Parliament banned potato cultivation in the mid-1700s. During the Seven Years War, Antoine-Augustine Parmentier, a French army medical officer, encountered potatoes while imprisoned. He quickly realized the bad potato rep was unsubstantiated and began promoting potatoes throughout not only France, but all of Europe.

Parmentier's efforts were successful. Using various marketing ploys, like inviting famous dignitaries to a dinner during which armed guards would surround the potato patch, he projected the truly special value of potatoes and won people over. Potato famine in the late 1700s following Parmentier's pro-potato campaign only increased the demand for potatoes throughout France and Europe. After all, we always want what we can't have, right?

history of french friesOver time, the French happened upon the idea of frying potato slices, French-cut potato slices (French —cut being a style we use even now — think French-cut green beans). Whether they discovered fries on their own or caught wind of the genius taking place in Belgian is unclear. But we do know for certain, the French couldn't get enough! The greasy potato treat grew in popularity and were sold by push-cart vendors up and down the streets of France.

The French introduced French fries to the U.S. and Britain. And thus the French fry crept its way into our hearts and mouths. America leeched on and grew the popularity of French fries exponentially, spreading them to the non-European world.

And THAT is the History of French Fries. Salty and crunchy morsels that delight our taste buds and haunt our dreams. Head to Shooters Wood Fire Grill today to celebrate the History of French Fries with a basket of crispy waffle fries or steamy sweet potato fries — some of the best French fries in town!


Football Games and Hot Wings - What's more American than that?

August 25, 2014

Blue 42, Blue 42, Hut, Hut, HIKE! Football is back! And what's more American than a game of pigskin? Watching the game with ice cold beer and lip-lickin' hot wings. Shooters' Award-Winning Hot Wings to be exact.

Sports Bar“The wings are VERY GOOD!!! I would rate them on my top 5.” — CDogDee, Norfolk, NE

With premium quality, lightly breaded chicken wings tossed in your favorite finger-lickin' and/or lip-burnin' Shooters' original sauces, what's not to love? We pride ourselves on flavor packed sauces, each made in-house with the Shooters' secret recipe. If you can't stand the heat, try our famed BBQ sauce!

“I can appreciate a good flavored hot sauce. I ordered the top 2 hottest flavors and BBQ sauce. Amazing flavor in all 3. It's not all about the heat, flavor has to be good and they have it right!” - Jcb957, Omaha, NE

Nothing beats tradition. That's why at Shooters Wood Fire Grill we keep things nice and simple with 6 flavor guaranteed sauces ranging from mild to downright mean! Our sauces include:

Traditional Buffalo Sauce — That buttery spice we all know and love! The best part about this sauce? You get to choose your heat!

Mild — Hot — Thermonuclear - Extreme

Sweeten Things Up

Fiery Mango — The hottest sauce on the menu with the perfect sweet and spicy combo!

BBQ — People love our BBQ so much, they want to take it home with them.

And when we say hot… we mean business!

“I had the thermonuclear wings here. I have been to places that say their food is hot only to be served mildly spicy food. When they delivered the food to our table I took a sniff and my lungs quit breathing. Holy cow these were hot. I gave this place an extra star for the truth in advertising.” - Jim D., Hayward, CA

But don't just take us at our word. Diners all over the nation love our award-winning wings, and they're not too shy to speak up!

“A lot has changed with Shooters from the time I first was here back in 1999, but the wings are still as good as I remember, I think one of the best in town.” - Sandee W., Los Angeles, CA

“[Those are] some delicious wings. Everyone was pleased and I think we will all be back.” - Ryan A, Sturgis, SD

This football season, head on over to Shooters Wood Fire Grill for delicious hot wings and ice cold beer straight from the tap. Belly up to the bar or enjoy the game from a booth in one of our two dining rooms. With 11 televisions, you won't miss a minute of the action!

“This place is amazing! I initially had to beg my wife to go, as she had the perception of a typical sports bar, but this couldn't have been further from the truth! They do have a lot of TV's for sports fans. They also go out of their way to make sure you get to see your specific game. The atmosphere is classy in a casual way. You can wear t-shirt and jeans or dress up for a romantic night out. Either way they make you feel comfortable here.” - Lady Saotome, Hill City, SD

Not a huge hot wing fan? Check out all of the delicious menu items and drink specials we offer at Shooters Wood Fire Grill and head on over today. You won't be sorry you came!


Beer Pairings and Beer Styles 101

August 5, 2014

It's a beer world; we're just living in it. More and more, microbreweries are sprouting up across the U.S. and the hobby of home brewing is growing in popularity. Beer culture has grown drastically in 2014, but it's not just about enjoying a delicious beer. True beer connoisseurs revel in information about the various beer styles from the well known American Lager to lesser known styles like the Dunkelweizen, Gruit, and Witbier.

Beer StylesThis pop culture phenomenon has opened our taste buds to a world of possibilities. And for that we are obliged, but also perhaps a bit unsure as we transition from an era celebrating wine to an era celebrating hops and malts.

The first step to jumping on the beer wagon is knowing your flavors. Each beer style has varying levels of hops, or bitterness, and malts, or sweetness, as well as varying percentages of alcohol. Once you've come to an understanding about the flavor profiles and what tickles your taste buds, the rest is chemistry! That is, food and beer pairings chemistry. Which beer style tangos perfectly with your favorite salad or that thick, juicy steak you just pulled off the grill? We're about to break it down for you with our Beer Pairings 101.

We've taken five beer styles commonly found in restaurants, bars, and liquor stores across the nation, given a break-down of their flavor profiles, the food flavors they play well with, and of course a few examples of the delicious dishes and beers you'll want to try, stat:


Who doesn't love a light and often times citrusy wheat beer? The tart and fruity flavor make this beer style refreshing and ideal on a warm summer day and it doesn't hurt that the alcohol content tends to be lower.

Flavor Profile Light; citrusy; crisp Boulevard Wheat, Shocktop
Food & Beer Pairings Light meals with vegetables and fruit; seafood; mild cheeses Appetizers:

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Bruschetta Flatbread


Chef Salad

Bistro Chicken BLT


Fresh Berries
Alcohol Content Low - Medium


Capitalizing on the yin-yang effect, this medium-bodied beer style balances sweet maltiness and dry bitterness. This makes Amber Ales fairly versatile beers, enjoyable any time of year!

Flavor Profile Roasted, sweet maltiness; light caramel notes; clean bitterness Fat Tire, 90 Shilling
Food & Beer Pairings Smoked meats; lamb; sharp, rich cheeses; buttery dishes; sweet, rich desserts Appetizers:

Shooters Beef Chislic

Cheesy Artichoke Dip


Lamb Chops

Reuben Sandwich


Cheesecake with Caramel

Bread Pudding
Alcohol Content Medium

Indian Pale Ale or IPA

If you want to really taste your beer, this punch-packing, hops-heavy beer style has your name written all over it! This style is so popular in the beer community, breweries known for their German-style beer have started trying their hand at IPAs just to meet growing demands and trends!

Flavor Profile Pungent; bitter; aromatic Odell IPA
Food & Beer Pairings Heavily spiced dishes; intense flavors; bold, sweet desserts; fried, salty foods Appetizers:

Shooters Nachos

Onion Rings


Fish Fry

Wood Fire Grilled Ribeye


Homemade Apple Cobbler

Ice Cream Nachos
Alcohol Content Medium - High


Dark, creamy, and delicious! This beer style rocks the house during the winter with its chocolate and coffee flavors. Easily identifiable, stouts sport a dark body with a thick, creamy head.

Flavor Profile Roasted, sweet maltiness; strong notes of chocolate and coffee Guinness
Food & Beer Pairings Rich, spicy foods; buttery, well-aged cheeses; rich chocolate or creamy desserts Appetizers:

Crab Crustinis



Shooters Famous BBQ Ribs

Bourbon Cheddar Burger


Chocolate Bennetts
Alcohol Content Medium

Pale or American Lager

By and large the most prevalent beer in America with game day classics like Budweiser and Heineken. If exploring craft beer isn't for you, stick to what you know with this light anytime, anywhere beer!

Flavor Profile Crisp; refreshing; light; balanced Heineken, Stella Artois, Budweiser, Corona
Food & Beer Pairings Spicy (hot) foods; light, fresh herb dishes; Asian and Mexican cuisine Appetizers:

Shooters Award-Winning Chicken Wings

Chicken Tortilla Soup



Fresh Atlantic Salmon


Skip dessert with this beer
Alcohol Content Low

Congratulations! Now you're versed in your beer style ABCs and food and beer pairings. Head on over to Shooters Wood Fire Grill to start the sampling process today!


Quality Inspired Cocktails - Create Your Own Margarita!

July 30, 2014

Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo. Tequila loves me. Margaritaville. Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off. Senorita Margarita.

Tequila 2 limes and saltIf popular music tells us anything… it's that we LOVE our margaritas! We love the combination of sweet and sour, and we love feeling light-hearted and uninhibited. What could beat that? Only the ability to capitalize on that love and create your own blend of tequila margarita magic! 

Shooter's Wood Fire Grill is introducing their all new Quality Inspired Cocktails menu, including Create Your Own Margaritas, and this is how it works!

First things first, we're going to start with our house sour mix. This homemade concoction brings the right amount of punch to get this party started. Adding to this base, the next step is to choose your orange.

  • Triple Sec — Syrupy and clear, this orange liqueur brings the sweet citrusy goodness!

  • House Marnier — Simple. Delicious. Cognac. What more is there to say?

  • House Cilantro Marnier — Try shaking things up with this savory take on Marnier, refreshing!

  • Grand Marnier — A cognac, the sweetness is dialed back a bit for a smoother balance of orange.

A margarita just isn't a margarita without the tequila. It's time to pick your poison! And boy does this choice get difficult.

  • Matador — This tequila gets right to the point and gets the job done!

  • Jose Cuervo — The most sold tequila in the world, Cuervo has a nice flavor at a decent price!

  • Casamigos Silver — A simple tequila with notes of mint and cinnamon, giving your margarita a fresh taste.

  • Cruz Reposado — Aged in oak whiskey barrels, this tequila has a nice rich flavor and a light finish.

  • Jalapeno Infused Cruz Silver — Playing on the earthy citrus flavors of this tequila, we amplify the awesome by infusing it with a kick of jalapeno!

  • Grilled Pineapple & Jalapeno Infused Cruz Reposado — If you love a little kick, but you can't betray your sweet tooth, give this funky combo a try!

Any good tequila drinker knows you have to get the party started with a little prep — a rimmer. We've compiled a selection of rimmers sure to compliment your magnificent margarita concoction!

  • Sugar — A simple cane sugar for a simple, sweet margarita! Give it a whirl with the Grilled Pineapple & Jalapeno Infused Cruz Reposado.

  • House Marnier Sugar — This orange flavored sugar gives your margarita that little extra pep of citrusy sweetness from the get-go!

  • Sale — Kosher salt for the traditional margarita drinker. You can't go wrong with salt and tequila.

  • House Chili Lime Salt — Add a little adventure to your margarita with this flavorful salt, perfect when paired with the Jalapeno Infused Cruz Silver tequila!


Looks aren't everything, but a little somethin' somethin' on the side is nice! That's why we're topping our create your own margaritas off with the adornment of your choosing!

  • Lime — Another classic tequila pairing, it was love at first site!

  • Lemon — Try a slight twist on the classic lime and make it a lemon!

  • Orange — For the sweeter citrus lover, toss an orange on your margarita.

  • Pan Dulce — A Shooter's favorite, make your margarita truly unique with this Mexican sweet bread.

  • Avocado — Because who doesn't love avocado!

With so many amazing options, we wish you luck! Happy margarita-ing, friends! Look for the new Shooter's Quality Inspired Cocktails menu, coming soon, and stop by to create your own sweet, sour, spicy, or classic margarita!


Chislic-in' Good: A Local Favorite

July 15, 2014
Second to none, chislic reigns as the South Dakota state food, but lacks reputation in almost every other state, including those nearby. So what is this adored local favorite and why is it so popular in South Dakota?

A warm summer night at the carnivalWhile everyone agrees chislic is a tasty treat, its origin is something of debate. Some believe this deep-fried delicacy entered the scene around Pierre, South Dakota in the 1970s as an alternative for the less adventurous eaters at Rocky Mountain Oyster feeds. Others claim this meaty shish kabob was introduced in Freeman, South Dakota in the late 1800s by a Russian immigrant named John Hoellwarth. A businessman by trade, Hoellwarth introduced chislic as a spin on shashlyk, a Russian recipe for meat, peppers, and onions on a skewer. Regardless of its origins, chislic has quickly grown in popularity.

Though this food favorite is more prominent in eastern South Dakota, chislic has established itself in South Dakotan culture state-wide. From bars to county fairs and everything in between, chislic is not only available, but practically demanded by the people. This is evidenced by the more than 40,000 skewers sold by the chislic stand at the Turner County Fair in Parker in 2004. One fair-goer even commented that kids weren't spending their hard-earned allowances on rides or fair goodies, but instead on handfuls of chislic sticks. 

So what IS chislic? Traditionally, chislic is made of cubed sheep meat that's been marinated, skewered, battered, and deep-fried. Today, everyone has a different take on chislic. Some recipes use batter, some favor directly frying the meat, many use family marinade recipes, and almost all use various kinds of meat including beef, venison, lamb, or some form of wild game, but rarely the traditional sheep meat. No matter how it's made, most enjoy this treat with garlic salt and soda crackers.

At Shooters Wood Fire and Grill, we know a good thing when we see it! We proudly serve our take on this cultural phenomenon using a half pound of fresh choice Angus sirloin strips, lightly breaded and deep fried to perfection. Whether you're new to chislic or you can't get enough, stop by Shooters Wood Fire and Grill today for a treat your taste buds won't soon forget!


5 Must-Have Grilling Gadgets

June 30, 2014
steak-on-grillThe biggest BBQ and grilling holiday is right around the corner and it just won't be the same without this line-up of must-have grilling gadgets! Most avid BBQ fiends are pretty serious about their grill. This arsenal of gadgets will guarantee a good time and great food for any 4th of July BBQ or summer party.

Enough chit-chat, let's get to the good stuff!

Grillslinger BBQ Tool Belt

The Original Grillslinger BBQ Tool Belt is top of the line for the grill master. It looks remarkably cowboy-esque, with two large compartments on either hip. These compartments are broken down into smaller customized holders for your other grilling gadgets — and of course an ice cold beer. If you're less serious about grilling and more enthusiastic about that ice cold beer, there are numerous belt alternatives, including the tactical grilling apron, a camouflage apron with gadget pockets and not one but three built in beer koozies!

60 Second Charcoal Starter

With 1290 degrees of scorching hot air, this is one of our favorite grilling gadgets! The 60 Second Charcoal Starter is a long cylindrical wand with a quick start push button. There's no need for lighter fluid or newspaper with this bad boy. The focused wave of hot air does the trick all on its own. Just be careful with this fancy toy — 1290°F can do a lot of damage!

Stuff-A-Burger Press

Looking for a delicious pocket of meaty goodness? Or maybe just a way to cut down on the mess of grilling? You're going to love this Stuff-A-Burger Press! This grilling gadget makes it easy to put your burger goodies inside your hamburger patty for moist and delicious yumminess! A fair warning, make sure your appetite is raging because these patties are quite large.

 grill masterTurner Tongs

Gone is the conundrum of risking a burger overboard or puncturing holes in that perfect steak with the Turner Tongs. This fancy grilling gadget features a large spatula bottom with a smaller gripping plate on top. These sandwich-style tongs ensure a good meat grip and control over its whereabouts! The dog might not be as happy, but your productions numbers will be through the roof!

Himalayan Salt Plate

Sounds crazy, huh? But this Himalayan Salt Plate maintains even temperatures — hot and cold — like a beast! Gadget of all grilling gadgets, use the salt plate to cook veggies, seafood, and thin cuts of meat for a boost of extra flavor. Because the plate is made of sea salt deposits, it will wear down over time. But in the mean time you have an easy to clean grill enhancer!

Whether you're master of the grill or you just love a good burger, make your 4th of July part or summer BBQ a hit with these amazing grilling gadgets. For more tips and tricks for the grill, check out Shooter's Wood Fire Grill in Rapid City, South Dakota!

The History of Moose Milk

June 19, 2014
Moose MilkSummer heat is upon us and there's no better way to celebrate than with deliciously frozen mixed drinks! With the sheer number of mixed drink recipes available, you may find yourself overwhelmed — where to start? We recommend you try a local Shooter's favorite, the good old fashion Moose Milk recipe, and here's why.

History of Moose Milk
Our friends to the North concocted this sweet Canadian treat, but the exact history of Moose Milk is widely unknown. With an onslaught of amusing anecdotes and reminiscent tales from our seasoned military friends, we decided to do some digging around to get the real scoop on the Moose Milk recipe.

As it turns out, the historical rich and creamy beverage was the result of a happy accident during World War II. Looking for a little joy in wartime, the Royal Canadian Air Force hosted a dance and soiree at Camp Borden. Entertaining a mixed crowd, the base Commanding Officer tasked Flight Sergeant Jack “Pony” Moore with creating a drink appropriate for female company with enough zing to provide the attendees a good time.

Frantically working to meet the Commanding Officer's request, Flight Sergeant Pony crafted a punch of his own creation. The Moose Milk recipe (nameless at that time) was sweet and creamy enough to delight the taste buds but packed a hidden punch as it was made predominantly of rum!

Men and women alike praised the punch, delighting in its effects late into the night. It's popularity prompted the Commanding Officer's wife to ask Pony for the recipe for this mysterious drink. With a smile, Pony coined the term Moose Milk, reflecting his Canadian wit.

Today, the Moose Milk recipe is beloved nation-wide. It's commonly served throughout Canada for everything from festival holiday parties to mid morning brunch. At Shooter's, we've added to the history of Moose Milk, making the recipe our own for the delight of South Dakota locals and travelers of the Black Hills.

The Moose Milk Recipe
Feeling a bit thirsty? Enough about the past, let's jump into the present! Just like any other recipe, the Moose Milk recipe can be found in all sorts of variations. We managed to scrounge up the original Moose Milk recipe, just the way Flight Sergeant Pony made it. But be warned — these directions produce enough Moose Milk to serve an army — literally. Okay, maybe not literally, but it sure is a lot!




Good Canadian Whiskey

Dark Rum


Maple Syrup

Milk (homogenized only - don't use skim!)

Heavy whipping cream (not canned!)

12 - only use the yolks

40 oz

40 oz

5 oz

10 oz

40 oz

40 oz

1 cup


    1. Beat yolks until fluffy and completely mixed.

    2. Add the sugar and beat the mixture until thick.

    3. Stir in the milk and the liquor.

    4. Chill for at least 3 hours (preferably overnight).

    5. Whip the cream until good and thick. Don't use canned whipped cream
      as it will go flat.

    6. Fold in whipped cream (it will appear as if it has totally thinned out, don't worry).

    7. Chill for another hour.

    8. Sprinkle the top with nutmeg and cinnamon to taste (optional).

    9. Serve (when serving keep chilled because of the raw eggs.
      Normally this is not a problem, as Moose Milk disappears

To tickle your taste buds with the Shooter's original take on this Moose Milk recipe and other adult frozen treats, come see us at Shooter's Wood Fire Grill in Rapid City! Read More...

Grilling Recipes for Memorial Day

May 12, 2014
With Memorial Day right around the corner, many people will spend the day in remembrance of those who lost their lives for the service of our country. Memorial Day is a holiday where people venture to lakes and host backyard barbeques with family and friends. What will you make this Memorial Day? Follow these easy grilling recipes for a great appetizer, main dish, side dish, and dessert! These grilling recipes are not only easy, but are so delicious we bet you won't even have leftovers!

Memorial Day|Grilling Recipes

Grilling Recipe #1- Appetizer
This grilling recipe is not only a great appetizer but a great side item to any meal! Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Poppers are sure to be a favorite among everyone on Memorial Day!
6 fresh jalapeno peppers, halved lengthwise and seeded
1 package cream cheese
12 slices bacon
1. Preheat grill on High.
2. Spread cream cheese to fill jalapeno halves.
3. Wrap with bacon. Secure with a toothpick.
4. Put on grill and cook until bacon is crispy.

Grilling Recipe #2- Main Dish

Love a little bit of spice? This grilling recipe for Spicy Shrimp is a tasty treat for anyone who loves food with a little bit of a kick! It is also very easy!
2 pounds fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup olive oil
1/4 cup tomato sauce
2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil
1. Mix the garlic, red wine vinegar, cayenne pepper, salt, olive oil, tomato sauce, and basil together in a bowl. 
2. Dip shrimp into marinade and coat evenly. Allow shrimp to soak marinade in, by placing in refrigerator for 1 hour.
3. Remove and skewer shrimp.
4. Grill for 2-4 minutes per side (or until the shrimp is opaque). Enjoy!

Memorial Day|Grilling Recipes

Grilling Recipe #3- Side Dish
Who doesn't love fresh veggies from the garden? Don't let them go to waste! This year use this yummy grilling recipe to make up a Grilled Garden Medley of vegetables! This is the perfect side to any meal on Memorial Day!
1/2 cup thickly sliced zucchini
1/2 cup sliced yellow squash
16 large fresh button mushrooms
1/2 cup sliced red bell pepper
1/2 cup sliced yellow bell pepper
1/2 cup sliced red onion
16 cherry tomatoes
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/2 clove garlic, crushed
1. Put chopped veggies in large bowl. Add the other ingredients and mix well. Place in refrigerator for 30 minutes to let marinate.
2. Preheat grill to Medium temperature.
3. Lightly oil grill. Place vegetables on grill and cook until tender (15 minutes).

Grilling Recipe #4- Dessert
This Memorial Day dive into a healthy dessert! That's right we said ‘healthy'! Opt for grilling fruit for dessert! Not only will it be delicious but have less calories and be a healthier option without tons of sugar! You can grill just about any fruit and it is very quick. Below are some healthy options that many people will love.
• Strawberries
• Pineapple
• Peaches
• Apples
• Mangoes

Memorial Day|Grilling Recipes

These grilling recipes will be hits with your family, friends, and neighbors this Memorial Day! Not in the mood to cook but want something tasty? Shooters Wood Fire Grill, has a wide variety of menu items that are handcrafted and slowly grilled over wood to secure only the finest taste! We have delicious salads, juicy burgers, mouth-watering steaks, and a full service bar! Stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill, your favorite Rapid City restaurant today!


Easy Dessert Recipes for Mother's Day

May 8, 2014
Mother's Day is a holiday that many people look forward to and love to celebrate with family members. Mother's Day is a day to show appreciation to the mothers in your life and give thanks for all that they do for you. Mother's Day will strike the 100th anniversary of being celebrated in the United States but actually has a long world-wide history which stretches all the way back Ancient Rome and Greece, where people celebrated their different Mother Goddesses. Then in England during the 1600s people celebrated a holiday called Mothering Day. Mothering Day celebrated mothers and children gave small gifts like cakes to their mothers.

It wasn't until the early 1900s when Mother's Day found a place on American calendars and became an official holiday. After the death of her mother, Anna Jarvis, became an advocate for a holiday specifically to celebrate and thank mothers everywhere for all they do. In 1908 the first American Mother's Day celebration occurred at a local church where Anna's mother had her funeral services. Anna wanted to celebrate the life of her mother and the duties all mothers perform. The holiday caught fire and soon was celebrated in a variety of countries such as China, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and countries throughout South America. It was from the popularity that President Wilson made Mother's Day an official holiday on the 2nd Sunday of May.  Since it has been a popular holiday celebrated throughout the world.


What are you doing this Mother's Day to show your mother your gratitude? A great way to show your mother how much she means to you is by cooking her a special treat on Mother's Day. Like those that celebrated Mothering Day, why not give the gift of desserts to your mother this holiday? Below are some tasty treats and ideas to create this Mother's Day. These are easy dessert recipes and will make any Mother's Day fun and filling!

Grape Salad
One easy dessert recipe that is sure to be a hit on Mother's Day is this delicious grape salad!


1 pound seedless green grapes
1 pound seedless red grapes
1 Jar marshmallow cream
1 package of softened cream cheese
1 package slivered almonds

1. Remove all the stems from the grapes and place in large bowl.
2. In a bowl add the softened cream cheese and marshmallow cream until it is smooth.
3. Pour this mixture onto the grapes, making sure the grapes are well covered.
4. Mix in the almonds.
You can serve this easy dessert immediately or allow it to refrigerate to set.

Champagne and Strawberries

This is a very easy dessert recipe to celebrate Mother's Day! It is also a special treat you do not often have, but is sure to be a favorite.


 1 pint lemon sherbet
 2 pints strawberries, hulled and sliced
 2 cups champagne

1. Drop sherbet scoops into glasses.
2. Top with strawberry slices.
3. Pour champagne until glass is filled.

Banana Trifle
Who wouldn't love this easy dessert recipe for Mother's Day? Filled with yummy sweet goodness it is the perfect dish for anyone in the whole family!


  1 quart cold milk
 2 bananas, chopped
 2 packages instant banana pudding mix
 1 cup confectioners' sugar
4 cups heavy cream
1/2 box vanilla wafers - crushed
4 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 package prepared pound cake, cubed


1. Whisk pudding mix with milk until smooth.
2. Add chopped bananas to mixture.
3. In another bowl, whip cream until stiff peaks are just about to form. Add vanilla and sugar until peaks form. (Do not over-beat…the cream will become lumpy).
4. Layer half the pound cake cubes, half the pudding, half the whipped cream, and half the crushed vanilla wafers in a trifle bowl. Repeat with the remaining cake, pudding, and whipped cream, and top with the remaining crushed wafers. Chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Style: "Agfa"

These three easy dessert recipes for Mother's Day will be excellent additions to any meal! Not in the mood to cook? No worries! Stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill to celebrate Mother's Day! Shooters Wood Fire Grill has a large variety of menu items from wood-fire grilled steaks, tasty flatbreads, and delicious twists on burgers! 

Eliminate Food Waste when Dining Out

May 1, 2014
Did you know that 1.3 billion tons of food are not consumed globally every year? While that number may seem staggering, did you know Americans are the leading culprit, with 40% of food harvested in America never being consumed? Food waste in America has grown to be an epidemic problem and one that only continues to cause problems. April, is officially Earth month, and is dedicated to the upkeep and importance of recycling, reusing, and sustaining our Earth for generations to come. One area that needs to be improved on, not only during Earth month, but during all the months, is the amount of food waste in America.


You may be wondering, just why does food waste in America pose as a problem or even a problem for the world? First, having high quantities of food waste in America, equals to money going directly down the drain. In a 2012 issue paper from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) it was found that, “The average American family of four ends up throwing away an equivalent of up to $2,275 annually in food”. Not only are families losing money due to food waste in America, but so is the American economy. According to the Scientific American, “Approximately 2.5 percent of the US energy budget is “thrown away” annually as food waste. This is equivalent to the energy contained in hundreds of millions of barrels of oil. Instead of wasting food take steps, even if you eat out, to not waste any food!

green leaf-earth

We need to take action together, not just during Earth Month, but during all the months to actively fight against food waste. Taking steps to eliminate food waste is easy. Even if you are eating out, you can help in the fight against food waste! Following these steps from your favorite Rapid City restaurant, Shooters Wood Fire Grill, will not only help the environment but can help the future of our world. 

• Leftovers and Freezing- Many times there will be leftovers to meals, especially with large restaurant portions. Instead of trashing them, eat them as leftovers later that day or take them to work as lunch. You can also learn great tips for freezing food, pickling food, or even canning food to preserve the food or meal until a later date. 

• Just Say No to Trash- Avoid throwing things away in your trash. Brought home leftovers but now don't want them? Don't pitch them! Instead see if you can share your meal with another family member or even a neighbor! Not only will it be a nice gesture, but you will be helping the environment and reduce food waste in America. 

• Eat What You Buy- Instead of ordering lots of food at a restaurant, order only what you know you will eat. Unsure of what you are in the mood for? Share your food, family-style, like in Asian countries. Order several small dishes and have everyone fill their plates. This will not only save money, but it will allow you to sample more things on the menu and take a stand against food waste.

These tips to eliminate food waste when you are eating out are easy to follow and can make a difference! Stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill, your Rapid City restaurant for delicious food and tasty drinks! We promise, our food is so good…you won't want to stop eating! For more information on Shooters Wood Fire Grill contact us today at 605-348-3348!

Benefits of Superfruits: Why You Should Care about Acai Berries and Other Superfruits

April 2, 2014
Many people strive to eat healthy, and while it can be a challenge, eating more of what doctors are calling “superfruits” can give you a powerful healthy punch. Just what are superfruits? They are fruits that are packed with extra vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber! There are many benefits to these superfruits. People should be eating five to nine servings of fruit a day and superfruits should be a part of that.  Just by adding these superfruits to your daily fruit intake, you will be able to reap all of the benefits of superfruits.

Acai Berries
This superfruit, hailing from Brazil, is loaded with antioxidants, beating out most other superfruits. Acai berries also are paced with Vitamin C and electrolytes making acai berries excellent choices if you need energy. Acai berries are also great at reducing inflammation, so they make a great snack after a hard workout! One study done by the University of Florida in 2006, found that acai extract was even able to kill off 86% of leukemia cells! As time continues, even more benefits of this superfruit, acai berries, will be found!

Benefits of Superfruits | Acai Berries | Rapid City Restaurant

Another tasty superfruit that you can find at your local grocery is blackberries. Blackberries are also full of antioxidants, similar to those that can be found in the very healthy green tea. Some of the health benefits of this superfruit include preventing osteoporosis, certain forms of cancer, and even cardiovascular disease. Another health benefit of this superfruit is that it is the number one fruit for fiber. Having a diet filled with fiber can not only help you regulate your blood sugar, but studies have shown that people with diets rich in fiber are 40% less likely to suffer from heart disease.

Citrus Fruits

Reaching for citrus fruits, like lemons, limes, and even oranges can also give you the health benefits of superfruits. Some of the benefits of superfruits that can be categorized as “citrus fruits” include reducing age spots, counteracting sun damage, and regulating oil glands. Citrus fruits are filled with fiber and extra disease fighting nutrients, but it is their powerful kick of Vitamin C which make them superfruit worthy.

Benefits of Superfruits | Acai Berries | Rapid City Restaurant


Add a bit of tartness to your meals, snacks, or even drinks with this superfruit! While these may be small they pack many benefits of superfruits, especially for women. Some of the health benefits include fighting urinary tract infections and some forms of ovarian cancer. Rutgers University recently released a study that showed cranberries aid chemotherapy in fighting ovarian cancer and can even slow the growth of certain cancer cells. Cranberries also have been proven to help people raise their good cholesterol. 

These are just some of the major players in superfruits and the amazing health benefits of superfruits. Shooters Wood Fire Grill, your choice in Rapid City restaurants, will be rolling out a new spring drink menu, with drinks filled with superfruit combinations! This Rapid City restaurant wants to not only bring you the best ingredients to your food and drinks, but allow you to make the best choices for you and your health! Whether your sip includes cranberries, fresh crushed blackberries, or a hint of acai, be on the lookout for the newest spring drink menu from Shooters Wood Fire Grill so you can experience all the health benefits of superfruits. 

Celebrate the History of St. Patrick's Day with our St. Patrick's Day Specials

March 17, 2014
March 17th is day where everything and everyone are shades of green and those who are Irish, and those who wish to be Irish, celebrate the holiday: St. Patrick's Day! For many, St. Patrick's Day is a holiday filled with celebration, where you will be pinched if you don't wear green, and where drinking is done, and done heavily. But did you know this holiday hailed from a religious tribute for the patron saint of Ireland, and has much deeper roots than just green beer? This history of St. Patrick's Day is a rich one filled with Irish culture, fun, and charm.

History of St. Patrick's Day
So just where does the history of St. Patrick's Day stem? Well, Ireland of course! The holiday originated as a religious day featuring a feast to commemorate the fallen patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, who first brought Christianity to Ireland. This day started out being known as “The Day of the Festival of Patrick”, but through the years has morphed into an easier name of St. Patrick's Day. The day was also in celebration of Christianity being accepted into Ireland. On this day, regulations on eating and drinking alcohol were lifted, making it acceptable to eat and drink as much as you wanted. 

History of St. Patrick's Day | St. Patrick's Day Specials | Rapid City Restaurant

Also daylong celebrations happened like parades, festivals, and wearing shamrocks. For those that eventually moved to America, celebrating their Irish heritage was important and St. Patrick's Day was the way to do it! The first official St. Patrick's Day parade held in America dates back all the way to 1762!

It's Not Easy Being Green
You better wear green if you don't want to get pinched on this holiday! Wearing green, especially shamrocks, falls right into the history of St. Patrick's Day. It is believed that Saint Patrick taught Christianity to the Irish by using a 3 leafed clover, or shamrock. The popularity of wearing green or shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day can be traced back to 1680, where the color green is a popular color for the country and can even be found on their national flag. Pinching has been common over the history of St. Patrick's Day and started when people believed that leprechauns would not be able to see you if you wore green. If you did not have green on they would ultimately pinch you. The pinching tradition rooted from those who were warning others about being pinched by a leprechaun. 

Those Little Green Men
Today leprechauns are recognized as those little rosy-cheeked men who have pots of gold at the end of rainbows. But in the history of St. Patrick's Day they hair from the sprites who liked to cause mischief in Ireland! These sprites were known for playing tricks on people, but for the lucky one who captured these little guys…three wishes would be granted!

History of St. Patrick's Day | St. Patrick's Day Specials | Rapid City Restaurant

A Tall Glass and Some Tasty Grub

Besides the always popular green beer, the drink of choice on St. Patrick's Day is the famous Irish stout, Guinness. According to Guinness, “On a typical day, Americans drink about 600,000 pints of the Dublin-based beer. But on St. Patrick's Day, about 3 million pints of Guinness are downed.” Now that's a lot of beer!

Want something to go with your drink? How about some traditional corned beef and cabbage? Cabbage has a deep place in the history of St. Patrick's Day and has been enjoyed throughout the years in Ireland. Corned beef was not popular until St. Patrick's Day was brought to America. 

Not sure what to do to celebrate the rich history of St. Patrick's Day? Why not come to your favorite Rapid City restaurant, Shooters Wood Fire Grill. We will be offering St. Patrick's Day specials all day long on both food and drinks! This Rapid City restaurant will be having St. Patrick's Day specials to celebrate this fun holiday and the spirit of Ireland. One of the St. Patrick's Day specials is a Rueben sandwich, fries, and Guinness for $9.99. The other two St. Patrick's Day specials are $2 Jameson Irish Whiskey Cocktails and $3 Irish Car Bombs! These St. Patrick's Day specials, from your favorite Rapid City restaurant, Shooters Wood Fire Grill, are sure to bring you the luck of the Irish! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Health Benefits of Wine

February 27, 2014
Wine has a rich history in the world from being given in religious ceremonies, to toasts at celebrations, to being sipped to relax and unwind. Wine making and drinking can be dated back to 4,000 BC in Mesopotamia where those who were royalty or members of clergy drank wine, while peasants drank beer.  It was not until ancient Greece where wine was enjoyed by all and became infused in many aspects of society such as religion, mythology, literature, medicine, and entertainment. While wine has been quite popular through the ages, did you know that there are health benefits of wine? Take a look at all the great reasons to pour yourself a glass!

Like anything in life, too much of a good thing, is not a good thing. Drinking wine in moderation, allows people to gain the health benefits of wine. What exactly is moderation? According to "Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010", published by the US Department of Agriculture, "If alcohol is consumed, it should be consumed in moderation - up to one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men". Since women metabolize alcohol differently than men, the amount that women should drink or call “moderation” is different.

Health Benefits of Wine|Rapid City Restaurant


One health benefit of wine is that wine has anti-aging properties. For thousands of years people have noted wine's anti-aging properties. Monks in Europe were convinced they were able to live longer life spans, in comparison to others, due to their ability to drink wine. But it was not until recently that researchers from Harvard Medical School concluded that red wine possessed anti-aging properties. Resveratrol, a compound found in the skins of red grapes, is a known anti-aging compound. 

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

Another health benefit of wine is that is can help prevent Type 2 Diabetes. Resveratrol, found in the skin of red grapes, helps improve the body's sensitivity to insulin. This is important because having an insulin resistance can help prevent your risk for Type 2 Diabetes. 

Preventing Dementia
According to the Journal of Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, “moderate red wine drinkers had a 23% lower risk of developing dementia” compared to people who rarely or never consumed the alcoholic beverage. This is a major health benefit of wine, because resveratrol found in wine reduces the stickiness of blood platelets, enabling blood supply to get to the brain easy. Both white and red wines contain resveratrol, which happens during the manufacturing process of wine. Red wine has more, due to the color of grapes used to produce this wine. 

Health Benefits of Wine|Rapid City Restaurant

Preventing Cancer
While in some cases, scientists have found links to cancer and alcohol consumption, wine has been found to have just the opposite effect. Another health benefit of wine is that it has been found to prevent several different types of cancer. According to the Harvard Men's Health Watch (2007), “male moderate red wine drinkers were 52% as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer” compared to men who never drink wine. In another study, the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention found that red wine consumption may reduce lung cancer risk, due to an antioxidant found in the grapes.

The health benefits of wine are plentiful! Not only is wine tasty, but all of the different health benefits of wine, make drinking wine in moderation a great choice! Our Rapid City restaurant, Shooters Wood Fire Grill, will be rolling out a new wine menu to meet all of your wine needs! This Rapid City restaurant, is filled with only the best wines and will even help you pair different wines with your meal. So stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill, the Rapid City restaurant with wine and try the new additions to our wine menu!

Black Hills Dining: Homemade Valentine's Day Desserts

February 13, 2014
Valentine's Day is just a few days away, and do you already have your plans? After finishing your romantic dinner at the premiere place for Black Hills Dining, Shooters Wood Fire Grill, why not wow your Valentine with a homemade dessert? Cooking your own meal, can not only show your significant other love, but you get to have all the leftovers! Check out some of these easy Valentine's Day desserts that will quickly become fan favorites. 

Valentine's Day Dessert #1

Lemon Pie
Want to show your love with a special treat, but your Valentine doesn't like chocolate? That's okay, this lemon pie is the perfect Valentine's Day dessert for you! It is not only easy to make, but this Valentine's Day dessert is delicious as well!


1 and 1/4 cups white sugar
3 large eggs
3 and 3/4 fluid ounces of lemon juice
1/4 cup butter, melted
1 (9 inch) pastry shell, unbaked


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
2. Blend sugar, eggs, and lemon juice in a blender for about 3 minutes or until smooth.
3. Pour melted butter into the blender and blend 30 seconds longer.
4. Put lemon filling to the pastry shell.
5. Bake in the preheated oven until filling is just set for about 30 to 35 minutes.  You must allow the pie to rest until completely set before serving (15 more minutes).

Valentine's Day Desserts| Black Hills Dining

Valentine's Day Dessert #2
Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
Cool down this Valentine's Day, with our next easy Valentine's Day dessert: homemade vanilla ice cream! Making this Valentine's Day dessert only requires two steps, and will be the perfect addition to any meal on Valentine's Day!


2 cups heavy whipping cream
2 cups half-and-half cream
1 cup sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1. In a bowl, mix all ingredients and stir until the sugar is dissolved.
2. Freeze in an ice cream freezer according to manufacturer's directions.

Note: For raspberry or strawberry ice cream, substitute 2 cups fresh or frozen berries for 1 cup of half-and-half. Puree berries in a blender or food processor; stir into the other ingredients before freezing.


Valentine's Day Dessert #3
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Just because something is an old favorite, doesn't make it any less delicious! This Valentine's Day sink your teeth into the perfect chocolate chip cookie! This favorite of Valentine's Day desserts are so tasty, it will be hard to only have one.


2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup unsalted butter, melted
1 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 egg
1 egg yolk
2 cups semisweet chocolate chips


1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C).
2. Grease the cookie sheet
3. Mix together the flour, baking soda and salt.
4. In a different bowl mix together the melted butter, white sugar, and brown sugar until it is evenly blended. 
5. Beat the egg, egg yolk, and vanilla into this until the mixture is creamy.
6. Add the other ingredients and blend.
7. Stir in the chocolate chips.
8. Place cookie dough on greased cookie sheet (cookies should be about 3 inches apart).
9. Bake for 15-17 minutes in oven, until edges are toasted. Let cookies cool before eating.


These great Valentine's Day desserts will leave you and your love wanting more! Show your significant other you care, by putting time and effort in your Valentine's Day celebration by making Valentine's Day desserts.

Black Hills dining, is more fun at Shooters Wood Fire grill! There is something for everyone whether you are wanting a wrap, wood fire grilled steak, or a scrumptious pasta dish! Shooters Wood Fire Grill, as a top venue for Black Hills dining, also offers a dessert menu and a full bar! For more information on Shooters Wood Fire Grill contact us today at 605-348-3348. 


Winter Grilling Tips and Winter Grilling Safety Measurements

January 27, 2014
Just because the sun is not beating down, the kids are not swimming in the pool, or the temperatures have not reached record highs — but lows — does not mean that you cannot grill in the winter! Winter grilling can be perfect if you want to sink your teeth into the perfect steak or burger, but it does take special care. Following these winter grilling safety measurements and winter grilling tips, will not only have you munching on your favorite grilled recipes in no time, but be the perfect cure to the cold weather blues.

Winter Grilling Safety
Before striking up your grill in the winter be sure to take the proper precautions of winter grilling safety. One winter grilling safety tip is to make sure you are working with a clean grill. You should also make sure that everything is working properly on your grill such as the lid, burners, and gas lines. One way to quickly ensure there is no built up grease is by rubbing a raw onion on a preheated grill, which will prevent any flames from flaring up into your face or body. You should also clean off the outside of your grill and dust any snow off of the lid, to ensure it will work properly. 

Winter Grilling Tips|Winter Grilling Safety

Another winter grilling safety tip is to make sure your flames are burning blue not yellow. If the flames are yellow that means there is a blockage in your gas lines and you need to reposition your grill. Making sure your grill is in the proper position is an important winter grilling safety tip. You should also, only grill in places with proper ventilation, although it may be tempting to move the grill into warmer locations. By grilling in an area with open ventilation you are ensuring that you will not be breathing in toxic carbon monoxide. Your grill should also be positioned 10 feet away from your home, especially if your home has side or wood paneling in case the grill were to catch on fire. 

Winter Grilling Tips
Now that you have taken all the winter grilling safety measurements, now it is time to start grilling! Following these top winter grilling tips will have you eating your favorite grill recipes in no time. One winter grilling tip is to keep your lid closed the majority of the time! While it can be tempting to keep checking your meal, doing this only releases the heat and causes your food to cook improperly or slowly. Another winter grilling tip is to plan ahead. It can take almost twice as long to preheat your grill in the cold temperatures. Also, using a meat thermometer is a great way to ensure your meat is getting cooked at the proper temperature in the extreme cold weather. Another winter grilling tip is to focus on meal planning. Instead of cooking large pieces of meat, opt for smaller pieces since they will cook faster. The same goes for vegetables. Do your prep work inside in the warmth and avoid flipping food too much because it will make the meal cook longer.

Winter Grilling Tips | Winter Grilling Safety

Following these winter grilling tips and winter grilling safety measurements will ensure a successful grill time no matter the weather. Does winter grilling not sound like your thing? Stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill and sample some of our delicious recipes on the wood fire grill! There is something for everyone from steaks, to chicken, pasta, flatbreads, and more! 

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