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Holiday Cocktails: Top Holiday Drink Recipes

December 12, 2013
Deck the halls with boughs of holly… 'Tis the season to be jolly…cap the night with a cocktail…

Ok- while these may not be the right lyrics to this holiday song, we couldn't resist adding our own zest to the song. Whatever your holiday tradition may be, trying out new drink recipes is not only fun but can be quite tasty! Shooters Wood Fire Grill, is not only a top restaurant in Rapid City creating only the finest dishes for you to enjoy, but offers a full service bar filled with everyone's favorites. This holiday season instead of making the same old drink you always drink, why not try out some holiday cocktails that are sure to become your new favorites?

Holiday Drink Recipe #1

This holiday drink is a fan favorite, especially when the temperature takes a dip. Try this Hot Spiced Wine to get into the holiday spirit. This delicious holiday drink can even be made ahead and simply needs reheated before serving.

2 Bottles of red wine 
1 1/4 Cups of sugar 
Zest of 1 of orange
Zest of 1 of lemon 
3 Black peppercorns, crushed 
3-Inch cinnamon stick, crushed 
1 Clove, crushed 
1/2 Cup of cherry flavored brandy

In a large saucepan, mix the red wine with the sugar and the citrus zest. Put the spices in a tea ball and add to the saucepan. Bring the wine to a very slow simmer and continually stir to dissolve the sugar. Next remove the wine from the stovetop and remove the tea ball filled with spices. Slowly stir in the cherry flavored brandy. Serve in heatproof glasses and enjoy. 

Holiday Cocktails| Holiday Drink

Holiday Drink Recipe #2

Craving a holiday cocktail that is a bit fruity? How about a Cranberry-Orange Gin and Tonic. This twist on an old favorite is just what you need to try your aunt's fruitcake recipe.

1 Strip of orange rind (2 inches)
1 Teaspoon of sugar 
1 Tablespoon of frozen cranberries (thawed)
1/2 Cup of ice
3 Tablespoons of gin 
1/4 Cup of tonic water
1 Tablespoon of orange juice 

Mix strip of orange rind, cranberries, and sugar in a cocktail shaker. Next add the orange juice, gin, and ice cubes and mix for 30 seconds or until the mixture is chilled. Pour into glass and top with the tonic water. 

Holiday Drink Recipe #3
Nothing says the holidays like the sweet taste of pomegranate. This holiday cocktail, is another twist on a favorite- mimosas! Pomegranate mimosas are a tasty treat for anyone that needs a little pick me up on a holiday morning.

2 Cups of pomegranate juice
1 Cup of orange juice
1/2 Cup of orange-flavored liqueur
1 bottle of well-chilled demi-sec Champagne


Mix ingredients into large pitcher and slowly add champagne. Serve chilled.

Holiday Cocktails| Holiday Drink

Holiday Drink Recipe #4
Celebrate the holidays with a tasty treat that has a bit of inspiration from south of the border. Cranberry Mo-garita is a holiday drink that is a great blend of mojito, margarita, and holiday spirit.

3/4 Cup of tequila
1 Can of frozen mojito mix
2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice
2 tablespoons of orange liqueur
1/4 cup of cranberry sauce
Ice (as needed)

Mix ingredients (except ice) in blender until well blended. Next add ice and mix until consistency of mixture is smooth. Serve immediately.

With these fun holiday cocktails, you are sure to be a hit this holiday season whether you are hosting a holiday party or just bringing some spirit to a family gathering. These holiday drinks are not only unique but use ingredients that many already have in their kitchens and liquor cabinets.
Want to take it easy and have professionals blend you some holiday drink favorites? Stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill and take a load off. Whether you are wanting your favorite liquor, to try a new beer, or experiment with a holiday cocktail — our full service bar can not only meet your needs, but exceed them. 


Pairing Food with Wine during your Thanksgiving Meal

November 27, 2013
Sipping your favorite wine and pairing it with your favorite meal has never been easier at Shooters Wood Fire Grill. Our selection of wine has been extended to exceed all of your dining needs and allow you to have the richest wine and dine experience in Rapid City.

The holidays can be hectic and knowing what you are going to serve on Thanksgiving for friends and family can be hard! But pairing food with wine can be easy, when following these easy guidelines. Wine should enhance your Thanksgiving meal. By complimenting your Thanksgiving meal with wine, your guests will think you are not only a wine connoisseur but a great host or hostess.

Pairing Food with Wine| Thanksgiving Meal

When it comes to pairing food with wine during your Thanksgiving meal, the main thing to keep in mind is if the meal is going to be light or heavy. This will affect what types of wines you want to serve. For most, Thanksgiving is a pretty hearty meal, so keep that in mind when selecting wines. You also want to think about the different tastes that you are serving. You want wines that compliment different components of your Thanksgiving meal and bring out the flavors of individual dishes. 

When selecting a wine to go with stuffing you should keep in mind the flavoring of the stuffing. Many stuffing recipes call for different herbs and spices to be used to make the stuffing. A great wine to pair with stuffing is a Pinot Noir. This wine will complement the savory and hearty flavors in most stuffing recipes.

Cranberry Sauce-
Since cranberry sauce can be very sweet you need a wine that will not make the flavors of the cranberry sauce seem tart or bitter. A Riesling wine is a perfect pick when pairing this food with wine. Riesling is very sweet but instead of intensifying the flavors of the cranberry sauce, will play up the flavors pleasantly.

Pairing Food with Wine| Thanksgiving Meal

Mashed Potatoes- Who doesn't love creamy buttery mashed potatoes? They are a Thanksgiving meal staple! When trying to find the best wine to pair with mashed potatoes, look no further than a White Burgundy. This wine pairs well with the thick mashed potatoes and enhance the buttery flavor.
Turkey- The family favorite, turkey Tom, is an essential to any Thanksgiving meal. Choosing a wine with a high acidity is a great way to cleanse you palette and allow for all the flavors of the turkey to be savored. Some wines that are great when pairing food with wine include, Pinot Noir, Cru Beaujolais, and Chianti. 

Pumpkin Pie-This sweet treat can be enhanced by pairing it with wine. An excellent wine to pair it with is the Late Harvest Chenin Blanc. This sweet wine is the perfect balance to your sweet slice of pie. The flavors in this wine also will complement the earthy spices found in the pumpkin pie.

With this easy guide to pairing food with wine, we hope that pairing wine with food will be a fun and delicious aspect for your Thanksgiving!
Stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill to test your wine pairing knowledge with our wide variety of new featured wines on our expanded wine list. Our exceptional service, delicious food, and family friendly atmosphere make Shooters Wood Fire Grill a local favorite among Rapid City restaurants.

Thanksgiving Recipes: 30 Minute Meals or Less!

November 27, 2013
Why slave all day in the kitchen for Thanksgiving? Instead you could be spending your time off with the people that mean the most to you, not clocking in the hours in the steamy kitchen. With these great Thanksgiving recipes which are all 30 minute meals, you will be able to spend time socializing with family and friends, not measuring ingredients or preheating the oven. 

Need a tasty broccoli side dish, but want something other than broccoli casserole? Look no further than with this tasty broccoli side dish.

4 cups fresh broccoli florets
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 garlic clove, minced
3 tablespoons reduced-sodium chicken broth
1 jar sliced pimientos, drained
1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
2 tablespoons pine nuts

In a nonstick skillet sauté broccoli in oil for 5 minutes. Next you should add garlic and sauté for 2 more minutes. The broccoli should be tender but still slightly crisp. Then add the chicken broth, pimientos, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. You should cook and stir until heated through. Top with the pine nuts. This is an easy Thanksgiving recipe that is ready in 20 minutes!

Thanksgiving Recipes| 30 minute meals

Love mashed potatoes but looking for something other than the buttery creamy ones? This great Thanksgiving recipe is just what you need! These mashed potatoes have a kick to them and are a chef-favorite since they are only a 30 minute meal.

10 medium potatoes (3 pounds), peeled and cubed
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup butter, cubed
2 tablespoons prepared horseradish
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper

Place potatoes in a Dutch oven and cover with water. Next bring the water to a boil. You should then reduce the heat and cover the potatoes. Cook the potatoes for 10-15 minutes or until the potatoes are soft. Drain the water. Add the remaining ingredients and mash the potatoes (can be done by hand or in a blender).

Thanksgiving Recipes| 30 minute meals

While turkey can be very delicious, who has all the hours it can take to prepare a turkey? Opt for this easy 30 minute meal for your turkey this year. This Thanksgiving recipe is not only quick but offers a unique spin on the family favorite.

1-1/4 pounds turkey breast tenderloins
1 tablespoon butter
1 cup unsweetened apple juice
1 medium apple, sliced
1 tablespoon brown sugar
2 teaspoons chicken bouillon
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 tablespoon cornstarch
2 tablespoons cold water
1/2 cup toasted walnuts

Brown the turkey using butter in a skillet. As you brown the turkey add the apple, apple juice, brown sugar, cinnamon, bouillon, and nutmeg. Bring this mixture to a boil. After reaching a boil you should reduce the heat. You should cover and simmer for 10-12 minutes. Next remove the turkey and the apple slices to a serving platter. You should then mix cornstarch and water, until the mixture is smooth and add this into the pan juices. Boil this and stir until the mixture thickens. Drizzle over turkey and apple. Top with walnuts.

With these 30 minute meals, you are sure to be able to have time outside of the kitchen on Thanksgiving. Not only are these Thanksgiving recipes tasty, but also unique and great for even the pickiest of eaters. From our family at Shooters Wood Fire Grill to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Delicious Halloween Treats for your Halloween Party

October 23, 2013
Are you having a spook-tacular Halloween party but at a loss for what scary themed treats to create for your guests? The perfect Halloween treats for your Halloween party can be a hard choice but with these great Halloween treat recipes, you won't have to worry about what's happening in the kitchen and can focus on making the best costume. Below are a couple of Shooters Wood Fire Grill's favorite Halloween treats that will satisfy any taste bud!

Halloween S'mores

Here's a twist on a favorite snack, transforming s'mores into awesome Halloween treats. These Halloween treats are sure to be Halloween Party favorites.

Halloween Treats | Halloween Party | Shooters Wood Fire Grill

Graham Crackers
Nutella (Or other Chocolate/Hazelnut spread)
Marshmallow Cream
Sprinkles (Halloween themed best)

1. Break Graham Crackers into desired size
2. Spread Nutella and Marshmallow Cream on Graham Crackers (as much or as little as desired)
3. Place another Graham Cracker on top to create a sandwich
4. Shake sprinkles around sides where Nutella and Marshmallow Cream are overflowing
5. Microwave uncovered for 30 seconds
This Halloween treat is sure to get everyone loving this camp-side favorite.

Peanut Butter Eyeballs
I've got my eye on you - okay really these spooky Peanut Butter Eyeballs do. What better for a Halloween party than some eerie Halloween treats that not only are delicious but give you a scare?

½ cup of Peanut Butter
3 tablespoons of Butter
1 cup of Powered Sugar
8 oz of Vanilla Flavored Candy Coating
Black Icing
Red Food Coloring
*Wax Paper

1. Mix together in a bowl the peanut butter and softened butter 
2. Add powered sugar to mixture
3. Create 1 inch balls with the mixture
4. Put these on wax paper and allow to “dry” for 20-30 minutes
5. Melt chopped Vanilla Flavored Candy Coating (microwave or melt in saucepan on stove top)
6. Dip the peanut butter balls into candy coating and allow for excess to drip off. Place the coated peanut butter balls onto wax paper and then put in refrigerator to allow to dry.
7. Use red food coloring to draw “veins” on whites of the peanut butter eye balls to create bloodshot appearance
8. Place dot of black icing in center of the “eye” to create pupil
Always have an eye out during your Halloween party with these Halloween treats — or at least until they have all been gobbled up.

Halloween Treats | Halloween Party | Shooters Wood Fire Grill

Pumpkin Bourbon Shakes
*Not for anyone under 21 years of age
Another great Halloween treat for all those 21 or older is a delicious Pumpkin Bourbon shake. If you want to make these alcohol free, follow the same instructions minus the alcohol.

4 1/2 cartons Vanilla Ice Cream
2 cups canned pumpkin
1 cup Milk
1/2 cup Bourbon
1/2 cup Light Brown Sugar
About 1/2 tsp. nutmeg (preferably freshly ground)
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Whip Cream (optional)

1. Put a third of ice cream, pumpkin, milk, brown sugar, and bourbon into blender along with spices. Blend.
2. Pour into individual glasses
3. Top with whip cream (optional)
This delicious Halloween treat is fun and will have you drinking down to the last drop.

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Shooters Wood Fire Grill Drinking Guide: Difference between Bourbon and Whiskey

October 8, 2013
Shooters Wood Fire Grill not only has an awesome happy hour and frequent drink specials, but a full service bar makes finding a favorite easy. But when it comes to choosing between Jack and Jim do you know the difference? The difference between bourbon and whiskey is an easy one, but often the two are confused. Let's delve a little deeper into these famous drinks of choice.

So let's get this straight…all bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon. Wait, what? That's right, you read it right. One main difference between bourbon and whiskey is that whiskey is created from mash of grain and aged in oak barrels, while bourbon is made in oak barrels with charcoal on the inside. The grains can include wheat, rye, barley, and corn for whiskey. Whiskey is at least 190 proof and bottled at no less than 80% alcohol content. 

Another main difference between bourbon and whiskey lies in the law. According to law, for a whiskey to be bourbon it must be made in America. Another stipulation is that bourbon must be made from at least 51% Indian corn and no more than 79% Indian corn. In addition another difference between bourbon and whiskey is that bourbon must be aged for at least 2 years, while most whiskey is aged for 7 years. With both products nothing is allowed to be added for flavor or coloring. 

Difference between bourbon and whiskey |Shooters Wood Fire Grill

The state of Kentucky is the only state that can print its name on a bottle of bourbon. The name of Bourbon roots from a county named Bourbon County Kentucky which was named for a French family who helped shipped distilled spirits down the Mississippi River. To compete with Kentucky Bourbon whiskeys, other regions started to make their own brews and the Tennessee whiskey was born, flaunting a hint of maple-syrup. For many the difference between bourbon and whiskey are simply the roots of the beverage. Many lovers of bourbon may only claim bourbon due to their love of Kentucky and dismiss whiskey due to the link to Tennessee, and vice versa. 

Now that you know the difference between bourbon and whiskey; what exactly are some great brands to drink of each? Jim Beam is hearty bourbon with roots from Kentucky. Another great treat for bourbon is Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit, which will settle nice with its rich and heavy taste. Woodford Reserve and Knob Creek will sooth any taste for excellent brewed bourbon. Needing a taste of whiskey? Johnnie Walker or Jameson whiskeys are great for any whiskey lover's tastes. Jack Daniels is another hard hitting whiskey hailing from Tennessee. All of these are top hitting liquors, no matter your preference. 

Stop on by Shooters Wood Fire Grill for only the best in drinks in Rapid City. Shooters Wood Fire Grill's full service bar offers top shelf drinking experiences for everyone! Visit our website for some of our latest drink specials. 

Football Appetizers | Bacon Wrapped | Shooters Wood Fire Grill

September 23, 2013
The air is starting to cool, sweaters have been pulled from storage, leaves are changing from green to vibrant shades of warm colors, and it is your favorite time of the year. No, we are not talking about fall. It is football season! Football season is an exciting time for most Americans whether you are a fan of high school football, college level, or have a favorite NFL team. Shooters Wood Fire Grill not only offers 11 HD flat screens so you will not miss a minute of your favorite team but also, a full service bar, and the best wings in Rapid City.

Hosting your own football party? No worries, we have one of the best football appetizers that will fancy many taste buds while you rally for the game.  Bacon Wrapped Peppers are sure to be one of your feature football appetizers, that family and friends will rave about even after the game. Not only are these treats, bacon wrapped (who doesn't love bacon?!) but these bacon wrapped peppers only take about 5 minutes of prep time and 15 minutes to bake! 

Bacon Wrapped Peppers


12 Jalape±o peppers
1/2 Cup of Shredded Cheddar Cheese.
1 Brick of Cream Cheese (room temperature)
1 Green Onion
1/2 Green Apple
1 Pack of Bacon
Salt and pepper to taste.



1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Cut the jalape±os in half, long ways. You will then need to core and de-seed the halves.
3. Mince the onion.
4. Dice apple into small pieces.
5. Cut each slice of bacon in half.
6. Mix shredded cheddar cheese, cream cheese, diced green onion, diced apple, and salt/pepper in bowl.
7. Stuff peppers with mix.
8. Wrap one stuffed pepper with bacon piece and secure with toothpick if needed.
9. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until the bacon is crispy.

In less than 30 minutes, you will have one of the top football appetizers: Bacon Wrapped Peppers! While clean-up is minimal, we can guarantee there will be no left-overs of this favorite among football appetizers!

While this football appetizer is sure to turn heads at your next football party, stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill on game day to not miss any of the action. Shooters Wood Fire Grill offers top of the line steaks, tasty chicken wings, and awesome wood fire grilled flatbreads! With an extensive menu and a full service bar there is something for everyone at Shooters Wood Fire Grill.


History of Barbecue | Barbecuing | Shooters Wood Fire Grill

September 16, 2013
Shooters Wood Fire Grill takes pride in serving only the best food from our family to yours. As masters of the wood fire grill we know a thing or two about barbecuing, but did you realize the lengthy origin of barbecue? With BBQ gracing our menus we want to bring you the history of barbecue so you can see the future of it at Shooters Wood Fire Grill.

What is it?
Whether you call it BBQ, barbecue, Barbie, “Q”, or barbeque there is no denying the rich history that barbecue has not only in America but our world. But don't get it twisted, grilling and barbecuing are not the same thing. Grilling is the process of cooking meat quickly with direct heat with the possibility of the flame touching the meat, while barbecuing is the processes of cooking meat slowly for several hours with indirect heat, where the flame does not touch the meat. Barbecuing results in a tender piece of meat that is fall off the bone tender and has a plethora of flavors from bold seasonings to a hint of smoke that will leave you asking for seconds.
The origins of the word barbecue are a little fuzzy but most agree that it roots from the word “barbacoa” the Spanish pronunciation for the way the Taino, or Caribbean Indians, cooked meats. After Spanish explorers introduced pigs to the Caribbean, they returned to Europe with a new knowledge of cooking, that they adopted from the native Caribbean Indians. They used to describe how the Caribbean Indians cooked the pig by placing it on a wooden frame above a fire cooking it slowly. Which allowed them to not only use the smoke as a way to infuse rich flavor to the meats but allowed the Taino people to preserve their meats longer. 

History of Barbecue around the World
To think that Caribbean Indians were the only influencers in the history of barbecue would be na¯ve. Barbecuing has roots in China, India, Africa, and in various parts of Europe. According to many researchers, China had early kitchens designed for smoking meats, while in India they have been cooking meat in ceramic bowls over coals for centuries. South African barbecuing, or braai, comes from the Afrikaans word braaivleis, meaning “roasted meat”. A braai has continued with popularity over time and is still a top social event in South African culture where the head cook has top honors in their community. Exploration was key in bringing barbecuing over to Europe, but it quickly ignited as a way to serve many, create excellent tastes, and to preserve meat. Scholars believe that in Bath, England and surrounding areas it was not uncommon for a kitchen to have a dog help do the barbecuing. Many kitchens had a small dog run in a dog tread, something like a large hamster-wheel, to power the spit to turn in the fire.

Barbecuing | History of Barbecue | Shooters Wood Fire Grill

USA and the History of Barbecue

Cooking in colonial USA was one that depended solely on the fireplace which allowed for barbequing to be a great way to cook meats easily. Our first president, George Washington, was one of the first people in the Americas to build a home with a smokehouse and frequently invited guests over for barbecues. It did not take long for smokehouses and barbecues to spread like wildfire especially through Southern plantations where slaves cooked the smoked meats over large fire pits for special events such as Christmas, anniversaries, and birthdays. Upon the end of slavery and the invention of the charcoal briquette by Henry Ford, barbecuing spread past the Mason Dixon line and barbecue stands popped up on every street corner. The main areas of influence for the history of barbecue were in Memphis, Kansas City, the Carolinas, and Texas. The rest is history with the continual evolution like gas grills, barbecue sauce, and grills that can be attached to cars. Barbecues even have a place in presidential history with President Lyndon Johnson skipping his first formal state dinner and replacing it with a 300-guest barbecue at his Texas ranch. Today barbecue is a favorite of many, not just for large celebrating parties, and has even been the inspiration of cooking competitions, television shows, and week-long festivals devoted to the succulent piggy.

History of Barbecue in South Dakota

Although the history of barbecue has deep Southern roots, there is no denying that the history of barbecue has ties in South Dakota. In the 1800s with people flocked to the plains of South Dakota, learning quickly to use whatever means available to heat their homes and cook with since wood was scarce in the area. After harvesting corn, “corncobs” were found to be a great source of heat and worked well in the pot-belly stoves found in many South Dakotan kitchens. This led to the 1940s group, Norway Eaters, to host their own barbecue using corncobs which created a ripple effect of this barbecuing technique across South Dakota, North Dakota, and Iowa. While this tradition has binds to the area, with the advancement of farming, barbecuing with corncobs has taken the backseat to other ways such as using wood.

The history of barbecue is a unique one that has spanned time and spread throughout the continents. Shooters Wood Fire Grill aims to keep the history of barbecue alive with our unique recipes using barbecue over wood fire grills. Some juicy barbecue on Shooters Wood Fire Grill's menu include the BBQ Brisket, Double Pig BLT, Awesome Austin sandwich, and Shooters Famous BBQ Ribs. Stop on by Shooters Wood Fire Grill to see how you can make your mark on the history of barbecue and leave with a clean plate.

Broccoli Casserole Recipe | 30 minute meals

September 9, 2013
Your mother in-law calls unplanned, letting you know that she is going to be over in 45 minutes for dinner. Quick what do you do? While you order your kids to rush around making sure the dog hasn't done his business in the house while you were at work, you scan the pantry for something-anything- that you could possibly make using ingredients you have and that she will not complain about. Breathe easy, this broccoli casserole recipe will not only do just the trick but become one of your family's favorite 30 minute meals.

This broccoli casserole recipe is one that you will love not only because you most likely won't have to go to the grocery for the ingredients but because it is just that good. Yes, we are talking about “scrape the pan and going back for double or triple helpings” type of good. We want to credit this recipe to Francine Clowers, who tinkered with the well-loved broccoli casserole recipe making it into one of the best 30 minute meals. 
Preparation time for this broccoli casserole recipe is around 5 minutes with an easy baking time of 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Now let's take a look at the ingredients for this broccoli casserole recipe.

2 cups Cooked rice
1 cup Chopped broccoli
1 can Cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup Mayo
1 cup Velveeta cheese melted
2 cups Sharp cheddar cheese (shredded)
6 oz French's fried onions
Salt and pepper (to taste)
Extra: *Nonstick cooking spray

Since this broccoli casserole recipe is one of the easiest 30 minute meals you will ever get encounter there aren't many instructions, but the best part is the final product is even better!

1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
2. Coat casserole dish with nonstick cooking spray, so your broccoli casserole masterpiece won't stick.
3. Combine 3 oz of French's fried onions and the rest of the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. For fun have the kids help you with this part of the recipe!
4. Pour mixed ingredients into casserole dish and bake for 30 minutes.
5. Remove and add the remaining 3 oz of French's fried onions. If desired put back in oven for 5 minutes to crisp.

Voila! The best broccoli casserole recipe is finished and is sure to be one of your favorite go-to 30 minute meals!

Broccoli Casserole Recipe | 30 minute meals

Too tired for even a 30 minute meal? Pantry completely empty? Eyes crossing at the thought of having to cook? Stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill, a top choice among Rapid City restaurants and let us take care of you tonight. Our fun atmosphere, delicious food, and service that is bar none will leave your stomach full and your family happy. With new additions to our menu and an extended wine list, there is something for everyone at Shooters Wood Fire Grill. 

Wine Pairing 101 | A Beginners Guide to Pairing Wine with Food

July 25, 2013
Relax with your favorite glass of wine at Shooters Wood Fire Grill, where the selection of wine has recently been extended to exceed all of your dining needs and allow you to have the richest wine and dine experience in Rapid City.

Comedian, George Carlin, once joked, “What wine goes with Captain Crunch?” In contrast to what some wine connoisseurs may have you believe, pairing wine with food at home or even at Shooters Wood Fire Grill can be easily done with just a few tips and knowhow on basic wine pairings. Instead of getting bogged down with facts of grapes, regions of countries you have never heard of, or years so old you can't even wrap your mind around them, focus on these below tips to wow your dinner guests, friends, and even spouse when you pick the perfect wine pairing.

Tip #1
The first rule of thumb when pairing wine with food is to consider: is the meal going to be light or heavy? This may sound like a silly question but once you can answer this question, you are tackling the first step in pairing wine with food. If you are going with a meal that is lighter (fish or something with a vinaigrette sauce) opt for a white wine. If you are dining on a meal that is considered heavier (steak or with heavy flavoring) go with a red wine. Why? The reasoning is simple. Red wine can overpower the delicate tastes found in a light meal and a white wine can be overpowered by the substantial tastes found in heavy meals.

Tip #2
Knowing the structure of the meal you are serving plays into the equation when pairing wine with food. Different components of the meal can affect the wine's acidity, sweetness, bitterness, etc. If you are dining on something sweet you want to avoid a wine that is dry because the meal's sweetness will make the wine taste bitter. Another good wine pairing is acidic foods (lemon, orange, vinegar based) with acidic wines because the acid from both the wine and meal balance each other out.  Wanting to tempt your taste buds with some robust hearty wine? Pair hearty wines with foods that are also hearty or lightly salted, like steak. Avoid pairing with heavily spiced food because it will only cause wines to taste hotter and bitter.

Tip #3
The last secret on pairing wine with food is probably the trickiest: go with something you like. If you hate a certain type of wine and it supposedly tastes good with a certain food…find another! Be adventurous and try wines and if you don't like them, don't drink them. Experiment on wine pairing and we promise you will find something you just love with certain meals.

Quick Combos

Steak- Merlot will satisfy your tastes when you cut into a nice grilled steak from Shooters Wood Fire Grill. You can grab a glass of Sicilian wine, “Villa Pozzi” Merlot from the extended wine list at Shooters Wood Fire Grill. If you are going with a steak with a bit of a kick to it a Red Zinfandel will balance out the spices.

BBQ Chicken- Indulge yourself with a bottle of “96 Points” Shiraz, Its blend of ripe berries, oak, and tree branches pair perfectly with the spicy goodness of our BBQ sauces.

Shrimp and Lobster- Another new favorite to the Shooters Wood Fire Grill “Sean Minor” Sauvignon Blanc will be sure to please when eating seafood.

Hamburgers- Rock out to an American favorite with a fruity wine pairing of Merlot or a new fun favorite wine like “Dad's Day Out” Pinot Noir.

Chicken Salad- Balancing out the crisp vegetables, oil, and chicken in our “Shooters Salad” is easy when you pair this salad with a Chardonnay like “Frei Brothers”. Aromas of cassis and crushed berries with flavors of blackberry, raspberry, cedar cask, and tobacco are bound to make for a good addition to your salad.

Turkey- Don't let Thanksgiving be a bore! Shake things up by pairing Tom the turkey with a Pinot Noir which will be sure to win over family and friends.

Flat Bread Pizza-
While grabbing a slice in the summer sun, be sure to reach for Chardonnay or a Pinot Grigio like “Ecco Domani”, An inspiring Italian wine with tasty tropical fruit flavors, and a crisp refreshing finish, now featured at Shooter's Wood Fire Grill. 

Homemade Bread Pudding- Munch on any dessert with a sweet Riesling like “Starling Castle” Taking its name from a flock of birds, this wine is only made with the best grapes from the Mosel Valley in Germany.

With these easy wine pairing tips and quick combos, we hope that pairing wine with food will not only be a breeze but fun! Stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill to test your wine pairing knowledge with our wide variety of new featured wines on our expanded wine list. Our exceptional service, delicious food, and family friendly atmosphere make Shooters Wood Fire Grill a local favorite among Rapid City restaurants. Read More...

Delicious and Nutritious | The Health Benefits of Steak

July 5, 2013

Health Benefits of Steak

There are few words that can describe the savoring and juicy taste of a well-cooked steak. Whether you are tossing a few on the grill for a family barbeque or dining by candlelight, steak is a choice of meat that is always sure to be a crowd favorite. Steak is beef which is cut perpendicular to the bone. We here at Shooters Wood Fire Grill, not only take pride in preparing the perfect steak for you but we want our patrons to reap the health benefits of steak as well.


One health benefit of steak over other meats is the amount of protein your body takes in just from one steak. By sinking your teeth into one of Shooters Wood Fire Grill's famous 8 oz. sirloin steaks, you are consuming enough protein to reach the suggested daily intake portion for an average adult. Why is protein important? Protein contains amino acids, which your body relies on to build and repair muscle tissue. By having healthy muscles we are able to move and do physical activities that we would not be able to do otherwise. Another benefit of the protein inside of steak is weight loss, because the protein inside steak is known for its ability to satisfy hunger longer, the need to snack after eating steak is reduced greatly.

Health Benefits of Steak

Feeling tired or ran down? Consuming a steak will help reenergize you. One health benefit of steak is supplying 2.4 mg of iron for every 3 oz. of steak.  Iron is a mineral that helps carry oxygen to lungs, helps with our digestion system, and much more. When people have an iron deficiencies this can lead to fatigue, anemia, loss of concentration, and behavioral issues. This benefit of eating steak has monumental affect throughout one's body.

B Vitamins

Another health benefit of eating steak is the abundance of B vitamins that reside in steak. B vitamins affect many different aspects of the body and one's health.  This health benefit of steak will help your body digest food and use it for fuel, keep your nervous system functioning, and help maintain your immune system. B12 vitamins have been known to even help prevent different cancers and even fight heart disease. B vitamins also contain riboflavin which helps keep your skin, nails, and eyes healthy. B vitamins are a definite health benefit within steak.

Seeing the direct link between steak and your health

With the health benefits of steak clear to see, the direct link between eating a steak and the ability to increase your health is a no brainer. So next time you are interested in increasing your health, while enjoying a juicy steak, make sure to come on down to Shooters Wood Fire Grill. Our exceptional service, delicious food, and family friendly atmosphere make Shooters Wood Fire Grill a local favorite among Rapid City restaurants.


Happy Hour | Unwind at Shooter's Wood Fire Grill

June 25, 2013
After spending what seems to be countless hours at the gridiron you more commonly know as work, it is nice to have a place to go where the worries and stress of the day can be checked at the door while you unwind in the company of great friends and good conversation. If you are asking yourself “where does this place exist”, the answer is Happy Hour at Shooters Wood Fire Grill!

Happy Hour is a time proven tradition that has evolved into a place of refuge for the eight to fivers and beyond for generations. A place where cultures collide in a harmonious manner, friendships are made, and stress is relived. Shooters Wood Fire Grill's Happy Hour doesn't just provide you with get discounted food and drinks, but it also provides an atmosphere where you can create lasting memories and friendships.

An Opportunity to Socialize

Happy Hour creates and opportunity to spend time with friends as well as meet new people. It gives the blue and white collared workers the chance to get to know one another and bond over similar likes and dislikes. Socializing during Happy Hour is also a great way to work on your personal and professional communication skill. One moment you may be talking with an average Joe and the next you're sharing jokes with a corporate executive. Countless lifelong friendships have been created during Happy Hour all across the United States.

Mixing up your Week

Tired of the same routine everyday: work, home, dinner, TV, bed, and repeat. Happy Hour is a great way to break the cycle of monotony. Shooters Wood Fire Grill offers you the chance to relax and enjoy delicious food and beverages, with old and new friends, in an open and friendly environment. It has been proven that your self-esteem and your ability to make and maintain personal relationships can benefit by incorporating stimulating activities, like Happy Hour, within your daily routine. Being able to relax in a friendly environment with others, just like yourself, will keep you both mentally and physically in check.
Benefiting Your Career

While at work you often don't get the chance to see the true identities of most of your coworkers, and even at company outings or retreats people have a tendency to remain in a work minded manner. Spending time with coworkers outside of the office atmosphere allows people to become better acquainted and provides an opportunity to learn more about each other personally and professionally without burning up company time.

If you are looking to unwind and need a place to enjoy Happy Hour with your friends, come down to Shooters Wood Fire Grill for great Happy Hour specials from 4pm to 6pm or 9 pm to 11pm. Our exceptional service, delicious food, and family friendly atmosphere make Shooters Wood Fire Grill a local favorite among Rapid City restaurants.

Wood Fire Grilling - The Taste of Tradition

June 11, 2013
Wood Fire Grilling Vs. Propane Grilling

In an ever continuing battle between tradition and technology, the newest technology usually wins out, but does this also apply to grilling? We here at Shooters Wood Fire and Grill, honor the sacred tradition of wood fire grilling with a modern day twist at our Rapid City restaurant. However you may be curious on how wood fire grilling compares to more modern day cooking techniques like propane grilling, so we are here to break it down for you.

Wood Fire Grilling

Wood Fire Grilling is by far one of the earliest forms of food preparation, dating back thousands of years. In essence wood fire grilling relies on burning wood chips to prepare food. The common misconception behind wood fire burning is that the food is prepared over an actual flame; in reality the chef creates his or her own charcoals from burned wood, which he or she will cook with. As you may be able to tell, this form of food preparation requires immense patience, time and skill from the chef.

So what are the benefits of wood fire grilling? The flavor that you are able to achieve using this method is impossible to duplicate. The hint of smoke and the addition of a slight woody flavor allow for the meats natural flavors to emerge, essentially eliminating the need for heavy sauces or seasonings.

This traditional way of cooking allows for the chef, along with the consumer to travel back to a more rustic era were true skill was needed to prepare the perfect streak. The heat that a wood fire grill creates can range from 400-600 degrees, with the ability of going up to 1000 degrees if necessary. The ability that this gives the chef to cook at a multitude of temperatures, allows for a variety of culinary options.


As you can imagine there are the added elements of time and maintenance associated with a wood fire grill that you may not encounter with a propane grill, but the "unmisteakable" wood flavor that you are able to achieve more than makes up for the investment.

Propane Grills

Propane grills have inhabited backyards, campsites, and restaurants throughout the United States since the late 1950's. Propane grills generate their heat from a propane bottle that slowly releases propane through a burner, which is then turned into a flame once it is sparked. Food is prepared over the flame on a metal grate, allowing the food to cook from the bottom up.

The ease and affordability of the gas grill has been the main accelerator behind its success. With the price of propane tanks being roughly $20, and their ability to last long periods of time, propane grills provide you with an affordable grilling option.

Some issues that arise from propane grilling can over shadow the ease and convenience of the process. The most common issue that arises is flavor. Avid propane users agree that propane allows for meats to maintain their natural flavor, while skeptics believe that propane grills leave an undesirable gas flavor behind.

So you may be asking who wins, the traditional wood fire grill or the technologically advanced propane grill? Since the decision is solely up to the preferences of the individual, there can be no clear winner of this battle between traditions vs. technology. However, we know where our allegiance lies!

If you are interested in trying the best wood fire grilled food in town, consider the top choice among Rapid City restaurants, Shooters Wood Fire Grill. Our exceptional service, delicious food, and family friendly atmosphere make Shooters Wood Fire Grill a local favorite among Rapid City restaurants.

Classic Sauces: How to Prepare and Pair.

May 24, 2013
Shooters Wood Fire Grill remains a favorite Rapid City restaurant among locals. Savory food, great service, and a full bar that is sure to satisfy a well deserved happy hour, are all available at the Rapid City restaurant. We like to offer up some tips on how you can create a delicious meal of your own at home. This summer, consider adding classic sauces to your dish. They are sure to add texture, flair, and flavor to a variety of dishes.

Cooking a tantalizing meal doesn't require a trained chef or even high-end ingredients; however, cooking from scratch and having basic knowledge is essential. In the culinary world there is a unique type of chef called a Saucier, who specializes and perfects sauces and pairs them accordingly with a dish. 

Classic sauces must be well balanced in the areas of taste, texture and eye appeal. When pairing a sauce, be sure the flavor is appropriate for the food. For example, light cream sauces pair well with dover sole, but that same sauce would be overwhelming with tuna. 

Sauces add texture, color and a flavorful twist. While a basic sauce is generally a liquid combined with a thickening agent and carefully crafted with additional flavors, the enhancing effects it has on a dish is impeccable. When learning the basics of sauce making, start out slow and become familiar with traditional sauces that pair well with a variety of dishes.

If you are a novice Saucier, consider beginning with the following basic, yet classic sauces:

B©chamel Sauce.

Referred to as the “mother sauce”, since the base of many sauces rely on a traditional b©chamel sauce, the base is made with a roux of butter and flour and cooked in milk, giving the sauce it's rich texture that should never have clumps. B©chamel sauce pairs well with vegetables, chicken and fish.

Hunter's Sauce (Sauce Chasseur)

The base of a hunter's sauce consists of a demi glace with mushrooms, shallots, herbs and tomatoes. The name derived from a French word meaning “hunter”, alluding to the traditional pairing with game meats.

Beurre Blanc

The French term beurre blanc, meaning white butter, consists of butter sauce with a reduction of white wine. It is light in texture with a rich, buttery and neutral flavor that accommodates many seasonings and flavors. A classic beurre blanc pairs well with fish.

Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise is made by slowly whisking clarified butter into warm egg yolks and an addition of white wine or lemon juice. The tangy, buttery taste of the sauce pairs very well with eggs, seafood and vegetables.

B©arnaise Sauce

B©arnaise sauce is considered the “daughter” of hollandaise sauce since the base ingredients of butter, egg yolks and white wine (or lemon juice) remain the same. The addition of tarragon and shallots and preparation technique give this sauce a bold flavor that pairs significantly well with steak, eggs and vegetables.

Culinary professionals don't always hold the secret in the sauce. With these basics, cooking and pairing a meal with a classic sauce adds a culinary flair that will leave your guests impressed and begging for more. In some cases, a little can go a long way with sauce pairing, so be sure to test your masterpiece before piling on the sauces. The idea behind a good sauce is to pair and accent, not overwhelm, the main dish. 

Recycle Takeout Containers

April 30, 2013
If you are looking for a Rapid City SD dining experience in the comfort of your own home, Shooters Wood Fire Grill offers carry-out so you can enjoy your favorite meal without the preparation.

The convenience of food delivery and carry-out is fitting for our fast paced lifestyles. At the end of a long day, cooking a meal can seem a bit daunting. Kicking up your feet and enjoying a dinner prepared by someone else is relaxing and enjoyable. Before tossing those take-out containers into the bin, consider upcycling or recycling them into something useful and creative.

It's not easy being green. Remaining eco-friendly in today's instant gratification culture challenges us to remain green in an ever evolving society. Takeout food is no different. Our culture demands efficiency, convenience, and the taste of a delicious meal inside a clever little box. However, there are useful ways you can recycle takeout containers into beneficial, everyday useable items. 

Recycle takeout containers using these fun and thrifty ideas:


Going on a camping trip or a weekend road trip? Save leftover to-go condiment packets, napkins and silverware and pack them with some lunch and hit the road.

Coffee Grounds

Hold coffee grounds separately from compost for a slug deterrent in the garden.

Real Doggie Bags

Going on a day trip with your pup? Your furry friend might get hungry. Fill a takeout container with some dog food and hit the road. Your dog will thank you later.

Paint Trays

If you need to save your paint over night, there's no better option than plastic, sealable takeout containers.

Food Storage

Plastic takeout containers make wonderful Tupperware containers. Collect them and whenever you have a dinner party, send guest's home with leftovers in a fancy take out box.


Desks become easily cluttered with random objects. Save the takeout container you have from an office lunch and divide essential items from the random items floating in your drawers with clean takeout containers

Scoops and Buckets

Use plastic, round containers as a beneficial scoop. You can use this especially when portioning pet food. Pack it in your beach bags and use it as a base building supply for sandcastles. Or use them as a rinse bucket when shampooing your baby's hair.


Plastic, paper, and Styrofoam containers make beneficial planters. Simply poke holes in the bottom for water drainage before planting.
[caption id="attachment_73" align="alignnone" width="276"]Recycle takeout containers into planters. They are small, convenient, and are even perfect for herbs. Recycle takeout containers into planters. They are small, convenient, and are even perfect for herbs.[/caption]
Containers are great for storing beads, paints, costume jewelry, or sewing supplies. A clean takeout box makes great storage for crafty folks; perfect for storing children's crayons, chalk, markers and stickers as well. Paint and decorate containers and reuse as fun piggy bank containers to keep in the kid's room.

Seed Starting Tray

Seed starting trays can be expensive, especially when you need several to start up your garden and flower beds. Styrofoam takeout containers make wonderful seed starting trays.

Being environmentally conscious takes creativity and time along with a personal desire to continue and maintain a green movement. The next time you venture for carry-out, remember there are clever ways to reuse the containers.

A Novice's Guideline to Ales and Lagers

March 26, 2013
“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” - Benjamin Franklin.

Rapid City restaurant, Shooters Wood Fire Grill, provides a novice's guideline on Ales and lagers.

After water and tea, beer is the most widely consumed beverage worldwide. For thousands of years, dating back to the early Neolithic times, people have enjoyed a good brew. Beer has become a culture; enriching social traditions with festivals and pub culture. There are those who take their brew seriously, knowing the in and out of each individual beer. Then, there are those who simply enjoy a good tasting beer after a long day of work, an afternoon hitting the slopes, or just relaxing with friends and family. 

If you tend to fall into the latter category of beer knowledge, you may wonder as you casually sip your lager or ale (whichever your taste buds prefer), what exactly IS the difference between the two? Beer falls into two categories, ales and lagers. All beers are essentially one or the other, although styles under each respective category considerably vary.

Ales are fermented at warmer temperatures and made with the top fermenting yeast that rises during the fermentation process. The taste tends to be stronger than lagers and due to the warm, quick fermentation process; many countries serve them at room temperature.

The lager (the most common style of beer produced by major breweries in the U.S), is made with bottom cold fermenting yeast. The lager's longer brew and colder fermentation offers a more fruity taste, which is due to the production of esters. Generally, lagers have a clean, smooth, crisp and mellow taste and should always be served cold.
[caption id="attachment_64" align="alignnone" width="386"]Beer falls into two categories, ales and lagers. All beers are essentially one or the other, although styles under each respective category considerably vary. Beer falls into two categories, ales and lagers. All beers are essentially one or the other, although styles under each respective category considerably vary.[/caption]
There are many styles of beer that fall underneath ale and lager; however, a simple, beginner's guideline simplifies the differences.


Abbey Ale - Strong and fruity.

Pale Ale - English style bitter. Most American styles are bitter than British. Typically hoppy, medium body, and despite name, red/bronze in color.

Porter- Dark brown ale with a chocolaty malt flavor.

Stout- A step above Porter with a blackish-brown and made with dark roast malts.

Wheat Beers - Brewed with barely and raw wheat. Light beer with peach and apple flavors, yeasty aroma, and creamy head. Belgian brews have spices added.


Bock - Strong brown lager with a characteristic malty sweetness.

Double Bock (Doppelbock) - Twice as strong as a bock.

Pilsner - Crisp, clean flavor with a floral and sometimes herbal aroma.

Schwarz bier “Black beer” - Chocolaty lager that looks like a stout but lighter in body and with a more bitter flavor that a stout.

Lagers and ales have many sub categories, delving into a sub culture of beer connoisseurs who talk beer with sophistication and love. However, to the general beer drinker, subtle knowledge gives you the distinct advantage the next time you belly up to the bar and decide which brew, an ale or lager, you will sample for the day. Whichever you prefer, there is a general agreement among those who acknowledge Benjamin Franklin's infamous quote, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. Cheers.

If you are looking for a great place to meet friends, relax, and enjoy good food and brew, make sure to stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill. As a local favorite among Rapid City restaurants, we know how to create happy customers, delicious food, and a great atmosphere! Read More...

The Wonderful World of Whiskey

February 19, 2013
Shooters Wood Fire Grill remains a favorite Rapid City restaurant among locals. Savory food, great service, and a full bar that is sure to satisfy a well deserved happy hour, are all available at the Rapid City restaurant. Whiskey is among the many spirits offered at the bar; however, a small guide to what a whiskey entails may help the decision process on your next order go a bit more smoothly.


Whether you prefer whiskey (the general spelling for Americans and Irish) or whisky (our fellow Canadians, Scots, and Japanese prefer this spelling), whiskey drinkers come in all sorts. Some casually order a whiskey and coke to wash down a bad day. Others demand their whiskey to be savored as a single-malt in specific glassware. 

Whiskey sits in a class of its own, with a history extending back hundreds of years. In 1994, whiskey celebrated its 500th anniversary of production in Scotland, it was used as currency during the American Revolution and granted as a medicinal property during prohibition and sold at drugstores. Today, bourbon whiskey is recognized as America's official distilled spirit. 

The complexities of whiskey vary. While all whiskey is made from fermented grain mash and aged in wood barrels, the type of grain used and aging process varies. Barley, malted barley, corn, wheat, rye, and/or malted rye may all be used to produce the distilled beverage. 

Whiskey is essentially distilled beer. The major difference between the two is that beer brewers add hops, which are bitter and balance out the sweetness. Whiskey goes through an oak aging process that balances the flavors, while distilling increases the alcohol content, preserving the whiskey.

All bourbons are a whiskey; however, not all whiskeys are bourbon. Americans hold the namesake for true bourbon, while whiskeys are made in many countries across the globe. 

Straight Whiskey

The United States follows strict requirements in regards to the production of straight whiskey. The grain formula must be 51% corn and cannot be distilled higher than 80% alcohol by volume or go into a barrel for aging higher than 62.5% alcohol. Straight whiskey must be aged in new charred oak barrels for a minimum of two years. 

Straight whiskey is a key component in American blended whiskey, containing at least 20% of straight whiskey. Other countries, such as Canada, Scotland and Ireland, do not commit to such strict requirements.
[caption id="attachment_57" align="alignnone" width="500"]Choosing the best whiskey can be mind boggling. With so many choices, start small and work on refining your taste buds. Choosing the best whiskey can be mind boggling. With so many choices, start small and work on refining your taste buds.[/caption]
Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon Whiskey is strictly American and must be a grain mix consisting of at least 51% corn. The fermenting process is often done by mixing in mash from an older fermenting batch, a process called sour mash. It must be distilled to no more than 80% alcohol and aged in new charred oak barrels. Straight bourbon must be aged at least two years with no additional color, flavor or spirits added to the beverage.


Rye whiskey has a noticeably fruity and spicy flavor compared to bourbon, which tends to be sweeter and full bodied. By law, United States Rye is required to be made from a mash no less than 51% rye. Canadian Rye is not always predominately made from rye mash, as the corn to rye ratio may be as high as 9:1. 

Regional Whiskey

Several regions own a claim to fame when it comes to whiskey. The majority of the world's whiskey is distilled in 7 different regions:

Tennessee Whiskey
Irish Whiskey
Kentucky Bourbon
Scotch Whiskey
Canadian Whiskey
Japanese (disputed by some)
New Zealand (also disputed by some)


The deep caramel color of the best whiskey is due to the aging process in oak barrels. Deeper colors generally indicate a well aged whiskey. Younger whiskeys haven't had enough contact with the barrel and lack the darker caramel colors that older spirits possess. Due to the lack in color, younger whiskeys may include added color to retain the desired color. 

Whether you prefer a nice glass of Scotch, a Jack and Coke, or Jim Beam and water; whiskey and bourbon drinkers have one thing in common: loyalty to their brand. There's something to be said about how brand preference generates personal style, all while sipping on a trademark spirit. No matter what your style may be, whisk(e)y and bourbon drinkers are in a class of their own.

Stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill, a favorite Rapid City restaurant among locals, and enjoy the best whiskey with friends and laughter over a well deserved happy hour.

Quick and Easy Meals: Homemade Macaroni and Cheese

February 7, 2013
As soon as five o'clock rolls around and the time clock is punched, the day almost seems to be beginning once again. Gathering the family, planning a dinner, making a dinner, cleaning up and prepping the kids for bed is additional work on top of the traditional 8-5 work schedule. Somewhere in the mass confusion, a recipe falls on your lap, creating a moment of helpful bliss. Thankfully, dinner can be quick, easy, and delicious. 

A long time family favorite is Macaroni and Cheese. It's savory, hearty, and a winner at every dinner. Gone are the days of Macaroni and Cheese in a blue box, these are the days of homemade Mac made with love and cheese…lots of yummy, delicious cheese

Credit for this recipe is given to Ree Drummond, with a few alterations, and includes fifteen minutes for preparation and 20-25 minutes for baking. You will need the following ingredients on hand: 

• Macaroni Noodles — 4 cups
• ¼ cup all-purpose flour
• 2 tsp of dry mustard (or more if you like the taste)
• 1 pound of grated cheddar cheese
• 2 ½ cups whole milk (the richer the tastier!)
• 1 beaten egg
• ¼ cup butter
The following measurements are guidelines. Add more if desired.
• ½ tsp salt
• ½ tsp seasoned salt
• ½ tsp black pepper

[caption id="attachment_38" align="alignnone" width="336"]Want to get a little creative? Stuff a mini pumpkin with the mixture and crumble some breadcrumbs or crush some candied walnuts on top. Bake as usual. Voil ! Want to get a little creative? Stuff a mini pumpkin with the mixture and crumble some breadcrumbs or crush some candied walnuts on top. Bake as usual. Voil ![/caption]

Begin by cooking the macaroni until it is firm (cooking them firm allows the noodles to be baked without becoming overcooked).  Drain the macaroni. In a separate bowl, beat the one egg. 
Grab a large pot and melt ¼ cup butter while slowly sprinkling in 4 tbs. flour. Whisk constantly over medium-low heat for five minutes to be sure it does not burn. This mixture creates a roux. A roux is used as a thickening agent and will create a savory effect to the Macaroni cheese sauce.

Pour in the whole milk and dry mustard and whisk this mixture for 5 minutes. It will become very thick. When you think you have done it wrong because it isn't thickening, keep mixing. It will thicken. Once thickened, reduce heat.

The next step is where the beaten egg makes its appearance. Take about ¼ cup of the sauce you have created and slowly add it to the beaten egg in a separate bowl. This will slowly bring the egg up to temp without cooking it into the mixture. Pour this mixture into the sauce and whisk until completely combined. 

Next come the delicious goodness that will warm your soul: cheese. Cheddar cheese should be the base; however, if you'd like to kick it up, consider mixing in a little jalape±o or buffalo cheese. 

Pour all of the cheese (with the exception of ½ cup) into the sauce. Stir until melted and turn off heat. 
Add salt, pepper and seasoned salt. 

Toss in the macaroni and stir all the ingredients together. Place in a casserole dish and top it off with the rest of the unused cheese. Pop it in the oven for 20-25 minutes. 

For those with an adventurous taste bud, get a little crazy and add some chipotle powder, green chili powder or even a dash of hot sauce. If your diet is lacking greens, toss in some veggies for a cheesy veggie macaroni and cheese. Need a little protein? Add a savory touch and brown up some ground beef and add it to the dish. Options and alterations are endless and are sure to please the pickiest of all family members. 

Don't have ingredients on hand or want to take a break? Consider the top choice among Rapid City restaurants, Shooters Wood Fire Grill. Our exceptional service, delicious food, and family friendly atmosphere make Shooters Wood Fire Grill a local favorite among Rapid City restaurants.

Kitchen Essentials: Make a Hearty and Easy Meal

January 10, 2013
There's nothing quite like the aroma of a bountiful meal flowing throughout the home. The simple act of cooking  molds a house into a home as families and friends gather over a good meal while memories are made through laughter and delicious, heartwarming food.

The formation of a well balanced kitchen lies within the essentials and basics.  Every kitchen should have the tried and true staples that make a home kitchen functional.  Although kitchen essentials vary depending on the preferred style of food, the basics provide an essential foundation.

A well stocked kitchen is beneficial for those last minute meals that seem to creep upon us after a long work day.  Basic shelf stable vegetables such as squash, sweet potatoes, onions, scallions, and garlic provide a hearty and tasty foundation to a meal.  Ginger keeps fresh in the refrigerator for several weeks and can provide a bright and fresh flavor to dishes.

Pasta, rice, beans and grains (such as red lentils, wheat berries and quinoa) add a basic but healthy carbohydrate to a balanced meal and can easily be jazzed up with vegetables and meats.  Canned tomatoes are good to have on hand for cooked dishes or sauces, salads and casseroles, especially when tomatoes are out of season.   Bullion (chicken, beef, or veggie), is beneficial to keep stocked for use in soups, seasonings, casseroles and marinades.

Gone are the days of adding salt and pepper to a dish to create flavor.  Herbs and kitchen spices bring life to a good homemade meal without adding calories.  There are a few guidelines to follow when storing and using herbs:

•    If dried herbs come in a clear container, be sure to store them in a cool, dark area.
•    Dried herbs have a stronger flavor than fresh herbs.  If a recipe calls for fresh herbs and you only have dried available, simply reduce the amount to 1/3 less.
•    Dried herbs lose flavor overtime.  Store them properly and they can last up to a year.  If you are in doubt of the flavor, smell them before use, if there is no smell, they are past their prime.

[caption id="attachment_23" align="alignnone" width="263"]Be sure to stock up on spices in the kitchen. A little spice and herb can make all the difference in flavor. Be sure to stock up on spices in the kitchen. A little spice and herb can make all the difference in flavor.[/caption]

Simple baking basics to keep readily available: butter, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, and flour.  Some of these ingredients equally apply to cooking.  Flour can be used as a thickening agent while butter is beneficial while sautéing.

Olive oil is a standard in most kitchens today and has a versatile base of uses:  cooking, greasing pans, seasoning cast iron pans, salad dressing base, or a healthful alternative to butter.  Olive oil has endless uses and is extremely beneficial in a home kitchen.  With the addition of lemons, the mixture of olive oil and lemon juice and a dash of those herbs will create a wonderful salad dressing.  The acid in a lemon offers a delightful way to enhance dishes that may seem a bit flat.

Stocking and storing kitchen essentials alleviates the last minute need to dash to the local grocery store for items that can easily be stored in your home kitchen.  These simple fundamentals provide a plentiful base of kitchen spices and ingredients that can easily be incorporated into many meals. Read More...

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