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Winter Grilling Tips & Safety Measures

November 14, 2018
Yes it's true, winter is indeed coming, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to stop grilling altogether. While we all love grilling and hanging out in the summertime, there's something equally as special about grilling in the snow.

Plus, in the wintertime there's the added bonus of having no pesky bugs constantly around while you're grilling.

We've hand selected a few winter grilling tips & safety measures to help you better enjoy the grill this winter. Our tips may not stop you from accidentally burning the steak, but they'll definitely keep you from burning yourself.

Check Your Fuel
It's freezing outside, and that means your food is going to take longer than usual to cook. Be sure to check your propane tank and make sure it's all gassed up for the long winter ahead. It's also a good idea to keep a spare propane tank handy so you won't have to drive anywhere in the middle of cooking dinner in the cold weather.

Create a No-Slip Zone
Let's face facts, it's icy out there. It's best to clear out all the snow within 10 feet of your grilling area, especially if you're going to have friends & family outside with you while you cook.

Stay Warm
Winter clothing can be comfortable and stylish, but maybe ditch the scarf while you're grilling so it doesn't dip down into the flames.

Seriously, it's very important to stay bundled though, the last thing you want to do is catch a cold, all because you thought it was a good idea to grill outdoors in the winter time. Trust me, the Midwest is known for some seriously cold days in the wintertime, so it's best to stay bundled up while you're outdoors doing anything.

Prepping & Storing Your Grill
When you're finally done grilling in the snow, it's a good idea to prep your grill for storage. This is sometimes referred to as “winterizing” your grill, a term that is particularly cool in our opinion.

At the very least you should put a cover on your grill to protect it from the snow and ice. However, it's also important to completely clean your grill so that nothing is permanently stuck to it next grilling season. One good way to clear off anything stuck to your grill is to let the flames go full force for a few minutes, and then everything will be easier to scrub off.

Finally, unhooking & storing the propane tank in a safe location is also something to keep in mind.

Wear Grilling Gloves
Your regular mittens probably won't cut it. You might as well invest in a good pair of grilling gloves, that way you can handle hot cookware and iron handles. Wearing special grilling gloves will help you tackle any outdoor grilling session with ease, and they'll protect you from the snow at the same time.

Enjoy Your Favorite Grilled Meal
So finally, you've done everything you can to prepare for grilling in the winter, and now it's time to eat. If you by chance happen to be in the mood for steak this winter, you should check out our guide to all the different ways to cook a steak.

As long as you have enough gas though, you're dressed right for the season, and you kept your grill clean from the summer, then wintertime grilling should really not be much different than any other season.

Don't let anyone tell you you're crazy for wanting to cook outside in the winter. There's nothing wrong at all with winter grilling, as long as you stay warm and follow our tips.

If you do decide that you'd rather stay warm this winter and have someone else do the cooking you can always stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill, a Rapid City steakhouse, and experience our wood fire cooking from the safety of our cozy, warm atmosphere.


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