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Holiday cocktail recipes for your Halloween party

October 31, 2017
Halloween is here and with that comes ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and all manner of fairy tale creatures. As if we needed another reason to gather and have a party, Halloween presents a great opportunity to gather together and have a celebration. We have a few adult Halloween party ideas for you to help make your party a success and keep the guests having fun. Try out some of these holiday cocktail recipes at your next party to wow your friends and family with your mixology and bartending skills.

Any of these holiday cocktail recipes can also be made without alcohol, should there be minors at the party. In addition, any of these holiday cocktail recipes can be made in a pitcher by just increasing the amounts listed.

Dry Ice is Your Friend
The number one adult Halloween party idea we can pass on to you is: dry ice is your friend. For any sinfully sinister cocktail you concoct, don't forget the dry ice. Using dry ice in your holiday cocktail recipes will give your beverages of choice an eerie fog over the drink table and the party. Your guests will feel like they're walking through a graveyard to get their booze on.

Spooky Sunrise
Combine 1.5 ounces tequila with 3 ounces of your favorite flavor of orange juice. Then float 1 ounce of grenadine on top. You can rim the glass with black sugar and garnish with an orange slice for an added spooky effect.

Dark and Stormy
Combine 4 ounces gin, 2 ounces pomegranate juice, and 1 ounce of simple syrup in a shaker. Add ice and shake for at least 30 seconds and serve. Again, dry ice is your friend. To give it a really stormy effect, add in a cute of dry ice to your glass.

Zombie Apocalypse
This would be a great holiday cocktail recipe to put into a punch bowl and allow guests to help themselves. Combine 1.5 parts Absolut Madrin, 0.5 part Malibu, one part passion fruit puree, 0.5 part white grapefruit juice, 0.75 part cinnamon schnapps, and two dashes of Perno Absinthe. When ready to drink, pour over crushed ice and top with 0.5 part Cappalletti and for added effect, garnish with plastic spiders and bloody fingers. Spooky!

Peach Candy Corn Cocktail
This holiday cocktail recipe is a unique one for your guests. Layer 0.75 ounces grenadine, one ounce pineapple juice, 1.5 ounces whipped cream vodka, and two ounces IZZE Sparkling Peach in a glass. Top the glass with some whipped cream and candy corn.

Adult Halloween party ideas are abundant and these are just a few of our favorites. Stop by Shooters for a pre-party cocktail or to have a bite to eat before the party. These holiday cocktail recipes are sure to be a hit at any party. Read More...

Fun beer facts

October 5, 2017
Drinking beer is an American tradition. From domestics like Budweiser and Coors to craft beers from companies like Leinenkugel and Blue Moon, there is a beer for everyone and it has become the norm to drink a beer once the clock hits 5:00. But did you know that the cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass? Here are a few fun beer facts to help give you some talking points while you drink a beer with your friends on a Friday night.

  • At the Wife Carrying World Championships (yes, that's a real thing) in Finland, the first prize for the winner is the wife's weight in beer. That's a lot of beer!

  • In Africa, the locals like to drink a beer made from a native fruit: bananas.

  • The Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple in Thailand was constructed with one million bottles of Heineken and one local beer.

  • Guinness is brewed and originated in Ireland, however, more Guinness beer is consumed in Nigeria than in Ireland, which is quite surprising!

  • Here's some political beer facts for you: In Argentina, political parties have their own brands of beer. What do you think the Democrats and Republicans would name their beers?

  • In 1963, beer maker Albert Heineken created a beer bottle that could be used as a brick to build sustainable housing in impoverished countries. The temple in Thailand makes sense now!

  • Want to drink a beer but get a bigger buzz? Generally speaking, darker and bitter beers tend to have higher alcohol content than other beers.

  • We've got your next vacation planned for you already. In Austria, you can swim in pools of beer. Talk about convenient if you want to drink a beer!

  • This is one of the more tragic beer facts we could share with you. On average, 162,719 pints of Guinness beer are wasted each year due to mustaches. We wish we could've saved it all!

  • In France, Germany, Austria, Spain, and the Netherlands, you can drink a beer while eating your Quarter Pounder as they serve beer in the McDonald's there.

  • Want to balance your beer instead of drinking it? You'll have to beat out Joan Evans, who is the only person on Earth who is capable of balancing 237 pints of beer on top of his head. We just want to drink a beer!

Have we gotten you thirsty yet? Stop on out to Shooters Wood Fire Grill for our full bar menu, including numerous beers. Happy Hour is from 4-6 p.m. and 9 p.m. — close daily. You can bring some of these beer facts with you to quiz our bartenders. Read More...

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