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Wine Pairing Tips

August 16, 2016
A large glass of wine is a great way to relax after a long day and to decompress. Wine also carries a wide variety of health benefits that can make having a glass or two a day highly beneficial to the drinker. The art of wine pairing is something that can take your meal experience to a whole new level. The proper wine paired with your dinner can make a huge difference in how your wine and how your meal tastes. Here are a few tips to proper wine pairing that anyone can follow, whether a novice or veteran wine drinker.

Tip #1: Wine Should be Sweeter
Make sure the wine that you are pairing is sweeter than the food you will be eating to ensure that it is a successful wine pairing. If the wine is not sweeter than the food, then the wine will tend to taste bitter and tart, even if it is not a tart beer.

Tip #2: Have What You'd Like
The key is to make sure you chose a wine that will taste good with the food you are eating, as well as by itself. If you don't like the wine you chose, trying to pair food with it won't necessarily improve the taste of it for you. This way, if the pairing isn't perfect, then you will still enjoy the wine that you chose. The same goes for the food. Order what you want to ensure that you still enjoy your meal. If you try and pair a favorite wine with something you hate, like spam, no amount of wine will make that spam taste good to you.

Tip #3: Look for Balance
It is important that the wine you pair with your meal has a similar weight as the food that you are eating. The body and the richness should be similar and equal partners and one should not overwhelm the other. Hearty foods such as lamb chops should be paired with a hearty wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon, same as a light dish such as fish should have a light wine such as a Soave. Consider the fat content in foods to determine weight and when determining the weight of wine, look at color, grape variety, and alcohol level.

Tip #4: Keep Qualities Together
It is important when pairing your food with your wine that you keep the type of food and the type of wines together. Sweet wines with sweet dishes, acidic wines with acidic dishes, intense wines with intense dishes, etc. This will help ensure that the pairing is successful.

Shooters Wood Fire Grill offers a wide variety of wines that can go great with any of our menu items. Ask any of our knowledgeable wait staff or bartenders what their thoughts are and what they would recommend. Read More...

Fun facts about the Summer Olympics

August 16, 2016
The 2016 Summer Olympics are in full swing and as always they are entertaining to watch and a nail-bitter. While you're cheering on Team U.S.A. at the Summer Olympics in Rio, there are a few necessities for a good hosting party, and that is good food and drink. Shooters Wood Fire Grill is your home for Olympics coverage and viewing, with our extensive list of food to enjoy and beers and other adult beverages. Here are few fun facts about the Olympics to keep you going through your viewing party.

  • If you were interested in attending the Olympics, apart from your airplane ticket, you could be paying anywhere from $40 to almost $3,000 for attending the summer event. There are 7.5 million tickets available and the most popular events are soccer, basketball, volleyball, and handball.

  • Olympic organizers over the course of the event will prepare 60,000 meals per day to feed the athletes with food such as Brazilian staples like rice and black beans, as well as barbecued meat, tapioca, cheese bread, and acai.

  • The Rio Summer Olympics will have the largest security force assembled at any event in Brazil's history with 85,000 soldiers and policemen on hand. Their police force is twice as large as the security presence for London 2012 Olympics.

  • Rio is the first South American country to host the Olympics in Olympic history. It beat out Chicago, Madrid, and Tokyo in its 2009 bid.

  • Approximately 10,500 athletes from 206 different countries are taking place in the Olympics, lasting 17 days and competing across 306 events.

  • For the first time in Olympic history, a team of refugees is being allowed to compete. The team of five to 10 refugees are qualifying and competing under the Olympic flag.

  • The 2016 Summer Olympics mascot is Vinicius, a yellow and blue creature that represents Brazilian wildlife and resembles a cat or monkey that can fly and has the power to stretch its limbs and body.

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio are entertaining and always a joy to watch. Be sure to stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill to get the most out of your Olympics viewing party and enjoy it with some good food and great beer. From hot wings to savory burgers, from steaks to seafood, there is something for everyone at Shooters, including a wide range of drinks including beer, wine, and mixed drinks. Read More...

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