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Football Games and Hot Wings - What's more American than that?

August 25, 2014

Blue 42, Blue 42, Hut, Hut, HIKE! Football is back! And what's more American than a game of pigskin? Watching the game with ice cold beer and lip-lickin' hot wings. Shooters' Award-Winning Hot Wings to be exact.

Sports Bar“The wings are VERY GOOD!!! I would rate them on my top 5.” — CDogDee, Norfolk, NE

With premium quality, lightly breaded chicken wings tossed in your favorite finger-lickin' and/or lip-burnin' Shooters' original sauces, what's not to love? We pride ourselves on flavor packed sauces, each made in-house with the Shooters' secret recipe. If you can't stand the heat, try our famed BBQ sauce!

“I can appreciate a good flavored hot sauce. I ordered the top 2 hottest flavors and BBQ sauce. Amazing flavor in all 3. It's not all about the heat, flavor has to be good and they have it right!” - Jcb957, Omaha, NE

Nothing beats tradition. That's why at Shooters Wood Fire Grill we keep things nice and simple with 6 flavor guaranteed sauces ranging from mild to downright mean! Our sauces include:

Traditional Buffalo Sauce — That buttery spice we all know and love! The best part about this sauce? You get to choose your heat!

Mild — Hot — Thermonuclear - Extreme

Sweeten Things Up

Fiery Mango — The hottest sauce on the menu with the perfect sweet and spicy combo!

BBQ — People love our BBQ so much, they want to take it home with them.

And when we say hot… we mean business!

“I had the thermonuclear wings here. I have been to places that say their food is hot only to be served mildly spicy food. When they delivered the food to our table I took a sniff and my lungs quit breathing. Holy cow these were hot. I gave this place an extra star for the truth in advertising.” - Jim D., Hayward, CA

But don't just take us at our word. Diners all over the nation love our award-winning wings, and they're not too shy to speak up!

“A lot has changed with Shooters from the time I first was here back in 1999, but the wings are still as good as I remember, I think one of the best in town.” - Sandee W., Los Angeles, CA

“[Those are] some delicious wings. Everyone was pleased and I think we will all be back.” - Ryan A, Sturgis, SD

This football season, head on over to Shooters Wood Fire Grill for delicious hot wings and ice cold beer straight from the tap. Belly up to the bar or enjoy the game from a booth in one of our two dining rooms. With 11 televisions, you won't miss a minute of the action!

“This place is amazing! I initially had to beg my wife to go, as she had the perception of a typical sports bar, but this couldn't have been further from the truth! They do have a lot of TV's for sports fans. They also go out of their way to make sure you get to see your specific game. The atmosphere is classy in a casual way. You can wear t-shirt and jeans or dress up for a romantic night out. Either way they make you feel comfortable here.” - Lady Saotome, Hill City, SD

Not a huge hot wing fan? Check out all of the delicious menu items and drink specials we offer at Shooters Wood Fire Grill and head on over today. You won't be sorry you came!


Beer Pairings and Beer Styles 101

August 5, 2014

It's a beer world; we're just living in it. More and more, microbreweries are sprouting up across the U.S. and the hobby of home brewing is growing in popularity. Beer culture has grown drastically in 2014, but it's not just about enjoying a delicious beer. True beer connoisseurs revel in information about the various beer styles from the well known American Lager to lesser known styles like the Dunkelweizen, Gruit, and Witbier.

Beer StylesThis pop culture phenomenon has opened our taste buds to a world of possibilities. And for that we are obliged, but also perhaps a bit unsure as we transition from an era celebrating wine to an era celebrating hops and malts.

The first step to jumping on the beer wagon is knowing your flavors. Each beer style has varying levels of hops, or bitterness, and malts, or sweetness, as well as varying percentages of alcohol. Once you've come to an understanding about the flavor profiles and what tickles your taste buds, the rest is chemistry! That is, food and beer pairings chemistry. Which beer style tangos perfectly with your favorite salad or that thick, juicy steak you just pulled off the grill? We're about to break it down for you with our Beer Pairings 101.

We've taken five beer styles commonly found in restaurants, bars, and liquor stores across the nation, given a break-down of their flavor profiles, the food flavors they play well with, and of course a few examples of the delicious dishes and beers you'll want to try, stat:


Who doesn't love a light and often times citrusy wheat beer? The tart and fruity flavor make this beer style refreshing and ideal on a warm summer day and it doesn't hurt that the alcohol content tends to be lower.

Flavor Profile Light; citrusy; crisp Boulevard Wheat, Shocktop
Food & Beer Pairings Light meals with vegetables and fruit; seafood; mild cheeses Appetizers:

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Bruschetta Flatbread


Chef Salad

Bistro Chicken BLT


Fresh Berries
Alcohol Content Low - Medium


Capitalizing on the yin-yang effect, this medium-bodied beer style balances sweet maltiness and dry bitterness. This makes Amber Ales fairly versatile beers, enjoyable any time of year!

Flavor Profile Roasted, sweet maltiness; light caramel notes; clean bitterness Fat Tire, 90 Shilling
Food & Beer Pairings Smoked meats; lamb; sharp, rich cheeses; buttery dishes; sweet, rich desserts Appetizers:

Shooters Beef Chislic

Cheesy Artichoke Dip


Lamb Chops

Reuben Sandwich


Cheesecake with Caramel

Bread Pudding
Alcohol Content Medium

Indian Pale Ale or IPA

If you want to really taste your beer, this punch-packing, hops-heavy beer style has your name written all over it! This style is so popular in the beer community, breweries known for their German-style beer have started trying their hand at IPAs just to meet growing demands and trends!

Flavor Profile Pungent; bitter; aromatic Odell IPA
Food & Beer Pairings Heavily spiced dishes; intense flavors; bold, sweet desserts; fried, salty foods Appetizers:

Shooters Nachos

Onion Rings


Fish Fry

Wood Fire Grilled Ribeye


Homemade Apple Cobbler

Ice Cream Nachos
Alcohol Content Medium - High


Dark, creamy, and delicious! This beer style rocks the house during the winter with its chocolate and coffee flavors. Easily identifiable, stouts sport a dark body with a thick, creamy head.

Flavor Profile Roasted, sweet maltiness; strong notes of chocolate and coffee Guinness
Food & Beer Pairings Rich, spicy foods; buttery, well-aged cheeses; rich chocolate or creamy desserts Appetizers:

Crab Crustinis



Shooters Famous BBQ Ribs

Bourbon Cheddar Burger


Chocolate Bennetts
Alcohol Content Medium

Pale or American Lager

By and large the most prevalent beer in America with game day classics like Budweiser and Heineken. If exploring craft beer isn't for you, stick to what you know with this light anytime, anywhere beer!

Flavor Profile Crisp; refreshing; light; balanced Heineken, Stella Artois, Budweiser, Corona
Food & Beer Pairings Spicy (hot) foods; light, fresh herb dishes; Asian and Mexican cuisine Appetizers:

Shooters Award-Winning Chicken Wings

Chicken Tortilla Soup



Fresh Atlantic Salmon


Skip dessert with this beer
Alcohol Content Low

Congratulations! Now you're versed in your beer style ABCs and food and beer pairings. Head on over to Shooters Wood Fire Grill to start the sampling process today!


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