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Fun Facts About French Fries

July 11, 2017
July 13th is National French Fry Day! Whether you like waffle fries, curly fries, sweat potato fries, or just the standard cut, we all like them. It's almost like an addiction. The salt, the crunch, and the flavor make it so hard not to order a side of the best French fries when eating out. Why go for a salad when you can have fries? They're almost as healthy.

Did you know these fun facts about fries?

  1. Nobody can agree on where French Fries were invented, but supposedly they were used as a fish substitute back in the 1600s. The locals in Belgium normally fried fish, but in the winter the river was frozen so they couldn't catch any fish. They turned to potatoes as a substitute!

  2. French Fries were made official when Thomas Jefferson was president. He actually served them for dinner but called them, “potatoes, fried in the French manner.” They were supposedly his favorite snack!

  3. The largest serving of fries was served in Eagle, Idaho back in 2014. The fries weighed 1003 pounds.

  4. Sweet potatoes aren't actually potatoes. They are actually swollen roots and belong to the same family as Morning Glories. But they sure do make the best French fries!

  5. There is a whole museum dedicated to French fries called the Friet Museum in Belgium. If possible, celebrate National French Fry Day there!

  6. The European Space Agency did a study to see how fries would be in space. As the gravity gets stronger, the fries get crispier. But since the gravity in space is less, the fries would be soggy and gross. Even though they are gross with less gravity, they were also the first vegetable grown in space because of NASA.

  7. There are hundreds of potato types that are grown all around the world. You may think you know all of them, but your grocery store probably only sells the main ones like Russet and Yukon Gold.

  8. Back in the 1980s, a man John Calvi wrote a song all about French Fries. It's a little weird, but I feel like we all can relate when he says, “pig out like me on French fries.”

  9. Almost ¼ of all potatoes in America are consumed as French fries. In fact, Americans eat more than 25 pounds of French Fries every year.

  10. The most common cause of restaurant fights in relationships is because one person takes fries off of their significant other's plate.

  11. In other countries, like Japan and Korea, “Potato Parties” were common. People would have a gathering where they brought huge amounts of French fries to eat.

  12. The USDA actually considers frozen fries as “vegetables,” which is why you might find them in the frozen vegetable aisle at the grocery store.

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