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Proper beer and food pairings

July 29, 2016
Picking the right beer to go with your meal is a science that many may not realize is important. Picking the proper beer that pairs well with your meal can really change the way that a meal or your beer tastes. Luckily at Shooters we offer a wide variety of beers to go with your meal. Here are a few tips on how to pick the right beer to go with some of our different menu items.

Try drinking an amber ale when having a burger. The strong flavors in a burger might be too much for a lighter beer and you may not be able to fully appreciate the taste of it if the taste is overwhelmed by the taste in a burger. The flavors in an amber ale are strong enough that you will truly be able to enjoy your beer and burger together. Nut brown ales also work really well here. As an added bonus, the hops used in amber ales can help to lower cholesterol. So cheers to that!

Hot Wings
The beer you drink here depends a lot on what type of wings you like. If you like them really hot versus mild, that could change the type of beer you'll want to get. If you enjoy the brazen flavors of truly hot wings, try combating the flavors with a pale ale or an IPA. The harsh flavors of those beers will help cut through the harsh flavors of hot wings. An IPA also pairs well with bleu cheese if you prefer that over ranch. If you prefer milder wings, try a pilsner. Depending on the type of pilsner you get, it could have a crisp or dry finish to it, so taste a few.

If you plan on going the healthy route and having a salad but want a beer with it because, well, life is hard sometimes, try having a Belgian white, simply for the weight. A salad is obviously a very light meal, so you want a beer that is also light. A Belgian white has a very light body so it will not weigh you down and leave you feeling sluggish. Having a lighter wheat beer will make the freshness of the salad more crisp and taste better.

Dessert (especially chocolate)
Looking to cap the night off with a good dessert and beer? Try a stout or porter, something that is a little bit heavier but carries a heavy punch in flavor. This is a great time to taste test some flavored beers, such as a raspberry beer or other fruity flavors. Nothing goes better with chocolate than fruit, so get creative. They even make chocolate porters and stouts, so why not pair your chocolate dessert with a chocolate beer?

There are many creative ways to pair beer with your food. Ask any of our bartenders what their suggestions are for pairing your alcohol with dinner. Read More...

Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day at Shooters

July 29, 2016
Holidays are a special time for family and friends to come together over a great meal. While we enjoy celebrating most traditional holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, we also enjoy celebrating holidays such as National Chicken Wing Day, celebrated on July 29! And what better way to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day than by stopping by Shooters Wood Fire Grill to try some of our award-winning chicken wings? Whether you enjoy your wings as mild as they come, or as fiery and hot as they can be, there is a wing sauce flavor for you at Shooters Wood Fire Grill. Shooters offers wing flavors in naked, mild, hot, thermonuclear, extreme, fiery mango, and regular BBQ flavors, but many people enjoy the spicy sauces. Here are a few tips on how to properly enjoy those sauces that are as hot as our summer.

Let the wings cool off before beginning to eat
Naturally, we strive to serve your food to you right when it comes out of the oven or off the stove so it is as fresh as possible. If the wings' temperature is too hot for you when we bring them, take a few minutes and let them cool down. The hot temperature is going to mingle with the hot flavor of the sauce and you're going to have a doubly difficult time finishing those wings.

Have milk ready to go
While your waiter may bring you a glass of water, dairy such as milk is going to help cut the spice of the sauce a lot better, so ask for a glass of milk to go with your meal. The fattier the milk, the better it is at cutting spice, so if you can, get whole milk. You can also use other fatty dairy products, such as sour cream or ice cream. A milkshake at the end is not a bad idea, or get our Ice Cream Nachos for dessert to help wash out that spice.

Don't touch your eyes
Especially with the thermonuclear and the extreme flavors, the sauce can burn if you touch sensitive areas. Be sure to not touch your face afterwards until you've had a chance to wash your hands. The last thing you want is your eyes burning from the heat of the sauce.

Eat slowly
There's no reason to push yourself too far if you're not ready. Eat slowly and take your time. Nobody's got time for throwing up, so let's avoid that at all costs.

Chicken wings are one of God's greatest gifts to mankind, so be sure to stop by and enjoy a plateful in honor of National Chicken Wing Day. Can't make it in on July 29? Don't worry, we have chicken wings year round and we promise they will always be here ready for you to take on the heat. Stop by any day! Read More...

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