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Quality Inspired Cocktails - Create Your Own Margarita!

July 30, 2014

Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo. Tequila loves me. Margaritaville. Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off. Senorita Margarita.

Tequila 2 limes and saltIf popular music tells us anything… it's that we LOVE our margaritas! We love the combination of sweet and sour, and we love feeling light-hearted and uninhibited. What could beat that? Only the ability to capitalize on that love and create your own blend of tequila margarita magic! 

Shooter's Wood Fire Grill is introducing their all new Quality Inspired Cocktails menu, including Create Your Own Margaritas, and this is how it works!

First things first, we're going to start with our house sour mix. This homemade concoction brings the right amount of punch to get this party started. Adding to this base, the next step is to choose your orange.

  • Triple Sec — Syrupy and clear, this orange liqueur brings the sweet citrusy goodness!

  • House Marnier — Simple. Delicious. Cognac. What more is there to say?

  • House Cilantro Marnier — Try shaking things up with this savory take on Marnier, refreshing!

  • Grand Marnier — A cognac, the sweetness is dialed back a bit for a smoother balance of orange.

A margarita just isn't a margarita without the tequila. It's time to pick your poison! And boy does this choice get difficult.

  • Matador — This tequila gets right to the point and gets the job done!

  • Jose Cuervo — The most sold tequila in the world, Cuervo has a nice flavor at a decent price!

  • Casamigos Silver — A simple tequila with notes of mint and cinnamon, giving your margarita a fresh taste.

  • Cruz Reposado — Aged in oak whiskey barrels, this tequila has a nice rich flavor and a light finish.

  • Jalapeno Infused Cruz Silver — Playing on the earthy citrus flavors of this tequila, we amplify the awesome by infusing it with a kick of jalapeno!

  • Grilled Pineapple & Jalapeno Infused Cruz Reposado — If you love a little kick, but you can't betray your sweet tooth, give this funky combo a try!

Any good tequila drinker knows you have to get the party started with a little prep — a rimmer. We've compiled a selection of rimmers sure to compliment your magnificent margarita concoction!

  • Sugar — A simple cane sugar for a simple, sweet margarita! Give it a whirl with the Grilled Pineapple & Jalapeno Infused Cruz Reposado.

  • House Marnier Sugar — This orange flavored sugar gives your margarita that little extra pep of citrusy sweetness from the get-go!

  • Sale — Kosher salt for the traditional margarita drinker. You can't go wrong with salt and tequila.

  • House Chili Lime Salt — Add a little adventure to your margarita with this flavorful salt, perfect when paired with the Jalapeno Infused Cruz Silver tequila!


Looks aren't everything, but a little somethin' somethin' on the side is nice! That's why we're topping our create your own margaritas off with the adornment of your choosing!

  • Lime — Another classic tequila pairing, it was love at first site!

  • Lemon — Try a slight twist on the classic lime and make it a lemon!

  • Orange — For the sweeter citrus lover, toss an orange on your margarita.

  • Pan Dulce — A Shooter's favorite, make your margarita truly unique with this Mexican sweet bread.

  • Avocado — Because who doesn't love avocado!

With so many amazing options, we wish you luck! Happy margarita-ing, friends! Look for the new Shooter's Quality Inspired Cocktails menu, coming soon, and stop by to create your own sweet, sour, spicy, or classic margarita!


Chislic-in' Good: A Local Favorite

July 15, 2014
Second to none, chislic reigns as the South Dakota state food, but lacks reputation in almost every other state, including those nearby. So what is this adored local favorite and why is it so popular in South Dakota?

A warm summer night at the carnivalWhile everyone agrees chislic is a tasty treat, its origin is something of debate. Some believe this deep-fried delicacy entered the scene around Pierre, South Dakota in the 1970s as an alternative for the less adventurous eaters at Rocky Mountain Oyster feeds. Others claim this meaty shish kabob was introduced in Freeman, South Dakota in the late 1800s by a Russian immigrant named John Hoellwarth. A businessman by trade, Hoellwarth introduced chislic as a spin on shashlyk, a Russian recipe for meat, peppers, and onions on a skewer. Regardless of its origins, chislic has quickly grown in popularity.

Though this food favorite is more prominent in eastern South Dakota, chislic has established itself in South Dakotan culture state-wide. From bars to county fairs and everything in between, chislic is not only available, but practically demanded by the people. This is evidenced by the more than 40,000 skewers sold by the chislic stand at the Turner County Fair in Parker in 2004. One fair-goer even commented that kids weren't spending their hard-earned allowances on rides or fair goodies, but instead on handfuls of chislic sticks. 

So what IS chislic? Traditionally, chislic is made of cubed sheep meat that's been marinated, skewered, battered, and deep-fried. Today, everyone has a different take on chislic. Some recipes use batter, some favor directly frying the meat, many use family marinade recipes, and almost all use various kinds of meat including beef, venison, lamb, or some form of wild game, but rarely the traditional sheep meat. No matter how it's made, most enjoy this treat with garlic salt and soda crackers.

At Shooters Wood Fire and Grill, we know a good thing when we see it! We proudly serve our take on this cultural phenomenon using a half pound of fresh choice Angus sirloin strips, lightly breaded and deep fried to perfection. Whether you're new to chislic or you can't get enough, stop by Shooters Wood Fire and Grill today for a treat your taste buds won't soon forget!


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