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Wine Pairing 101 | A Beginners Guide to Pairing Wine with Food

July 25, 2013
Relax with your favorite glass of wine at Shooters Wood Fire Grill, where the selection of wine has recently been extended to exceed all of your dining needs and allow you to have the richest wine and dine experience in Rapid City.

Comedian, George Carlin, once joked, “What wine goes with Captain Crunch?” In contrast to what some wine connoisseurs may have you believe, pairing wine with food at home or even at Shooters Wood Fire Grill can be easily done with just a few tips and knowhow on basic wine pairings. Instead of getting bogged down with facts of grapes, regions of countries you have never heard of, or years so old you can't even wrap your mind around them, focus on these below tips to wow your dinner guests, friends, and even spouse when you pick the perfect wine pairing.

Tip #1
The first rule of thumb when pairing wine with food is to consider: is the meal going to be light or heavy? This may sound like a silly question but once you can answer this question, you are tackling the first step in pairing wine with food. If you are going with a meal that is lighter (fish or something with a vinaigrette sauce) opt for a white wine. If you are dining on a meal that is considered heavier (steak or with heavy flavoring) go with a red wine. Why? The reasoning is simple. Red wine can overpower the delicate tastes found in a light meal and a white wine can be overpowered by the substantial tastes found in heavy meals.

Tip #2
Knowing the structure of the meal you are serving plays into the equation when pairing wine with food. Different components of the meal can affect the wine's acidity, sweetness, bitterness, etc. If you are dining on something sweet you want to avoid a wine that is dry because the meal's sweetness will make the wine taste bitter. Another good wine pairing is acidic foods (lemon, orange, vinegar based) with acidic wines because the acid from both the wine and meal balance each other out.  Wanting to tempt your taste buds with some robust hearty wine? Pair hearty wines with foods that are also hearty or lightly salted, like steak. Avoid pairing with heavily spiced food because it will only cause wines to taste hotter and bitter.

Tip #3
The last secret on pairing wine with food is probably the trickiest: go with something you like. If you hate a certain type of wine and it supposedly tastes good with a certain food…find another! Be adventurous and try wines and if you don't like them, don't drink them. Experiment on wine pairing and we promise you will find something you just love with certain meals.

Quick Combos

Steak- Merlot will satisfy your tastes when you cut into a nice grilled steak from Shooters Wood Fire Grill. You can grab a glass of Sicilian wine, “Villa Pozzi” Merlot from the extended wine list at Shooters Wood Fire Grill. If you are going with a steak with a bit of a kick to it a Red Zinfandel will balance out the spices.

BBQ Chicken- Indulge yourself with a bottle of “96 Points” Shiraz, Its blend of ripe berries, oak, and tree branches pair perfectly with the spicy goodness of our BBQ sauces.

Shrimp and Lobster- Another new favorite to the Shooters Wood Fire Grill “Sean Minor” Sauvignon Blanc will be sure to please when eating seafood.

Hamburgers- Rock out to an American favorite with a fruity wine pairing of Merlot or a new fun favorite wine like “Dad's Day Out” Pinot Noir.

Chicken Salad- Balancing out the crisp vegetables, oil, and chicken in our “Shooters Salad” is easy when you pair this salad with a Chardonnay like “Frei Brothers”. Aromas of cassis and crushed berries with flavors of blackberry, raspberry, cedar cask, and tobacco are bound to make for a good addition to your salad.

Turkey- Don't let Thanksgiving be a bore! Shake things up by pairing Tom the turkey with a Pinot Noir which will be sure to win over family and friends.

Flat Bread Pizza-
While grabbing a slice in the summer sun, be sure to reach for Chardonnay or a Pinot Grigio like “Ecco Domani”, An inspiring Italian wine with tasty tropical fruit flavors, and a crisp refreshing finish, now featured at Shooter's Wood Fire Grill. 

Homemade Bread Pudding- Munch on any dessert with a sweet Riesling like “Starling Castle” Taking its name from a flock of birds, this wine is only made with the best grapes from the Mosel Valley in Germany.

With these easy wine pairing tips and quick combos, we hope that pairing wine with food will not only be a breeze but fun! Stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill to test your wine pairing knowledge with our wide variety of new featured wines on our expanded wine list. Our exceptional service, delicious food, and family friendly atmosphere make Shooters Wood Fire Grill a local favorite among Rapid City restaurants. Read More...

Delicious and Nutritious | The Health Benefits of Steak

July 5, 2013

Health Benefits of Steak

There are few words that can describe the savoring and juicy taste of a well-cooked steak. Whether you are tossing a few on the grill for a family barbeque or dining by candlelight, steak is a choice of meat that is always sure to be a crowd favorite. Steak is beef which is cut perpendicular to the bone. We here at Shooters Wood Fire Grill, not only take pride in preparing the perfect steak for you but we want our patrons to reap the health benefits of steak as well.


One health benefit of steak over other meats is the amount of protein your body takes in just from one steak. By sinking your teeth into one of Shooters Wood Fire Grill's famous 8 oz. sirloin steaks, you are consuming enough protein to reach the suggested daily intake portion for an average adult. Why is protein important? Protein contains amino acids, which your body relies on to build and repair muscle tissue. By having healthy muscles we are able to move and do physical activities that we would not be able to do otherwise. Another benefit of the protein inside of steak is weight loss, because the protein inside steak is known for its ability to satisfy hunger longer, the need to snack after eating steak is reduced greatly.

Health Benefits of Steak

Feeling tired or ran down? Consuming a steak will help reenergize you. One health benefit of steak is supplying 2.4 mg of iron for every 3 oz. of steak.  Iron is a mineral that helps carry oxygen to lungs, helps with our digestion system, and much more. When people have an iron deficiencies this can lead to fatigue, anemia, loss of concentration, and behavioral issues. This benefit of eating steak has monumental affect throughout one's body.

B Vitamins

Another health benefit of eating steak is the abundance of B vitamins that reside in steak. B vitamins affect many different aspects of the body and one's health.  This health benefit of steak will help your body digest food and use it for fuel, keep your nervous system functioning, and help maintain your immune system. B12 vitamins have been known to even help prevent different cancers and even fight heart disease. B vitamins also contain riboflavin which helps keep your skin, nails, and eyes healthy. B vitamins are a definite health benefit within steak.

Seeing the direct link between steak and your health

With the health benefits of steak clear to see, the direct link between eating a steak and the ability to increase your health is a no brainer. So next time you are interested in increasing your health, while enjoying a juicy steak, make sure to come on down to Shooters Wood Fire Grill. Our exceptional service, delicious food, and family friendly atmosphere make Shooters Wood Fire Grill a local favorite among Rapid City restaurants.


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