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Hot Wings at Shooters

May 28, 2015
Do you love snake handling, roller coasters and base jumping? Is white water rafting your idea of a nice day on the water? Is your middle name “Extreme”? Do you turn your nose up when someone offers you some watered down excuse for hot sauce? If so, you are probably a fearless hot sauce gourmet. According to a study done by the Association of Dressings and Sauces, there is a clear relationship between risk taking behavior and people who love hot sauce. The study went as far as to pin point age, demographic location and emotional disposition.

The study claims, if you are a man aged 18-34 living in the south or west, you probably prefer hot sauce to all other condiment sauces. It is likely you have 3 bottles of it on hand and are a competitive risk-taker. Nearly half of the hot sauce lovers surveyed prefer social activities such as hanging out with friends or family over all other activities. Hot sauce lovers are probably the life of the party and most likely to get a party started. Hot Sauce lovers rated themselves as more happy, ambitious, spontaneous and risk-loving than other condiment users.

If this sounds like you, Shooters is your go-to spot for a spicy snack. We offer 7 different styles of wing sauce with both bone in and boneless wings to choose from.

We're sure we have a taste for everyone. Our Mild sauce has just the right amount of kick to it, perfect for sharing. If you want to kick it up a notch, the Hot sauce will give your wings just the right amount of heat to be dangerous. Maybe keep these to yourself. If you want something that will send you to the moon and back, our Thermonuclear wing sauce will get you there in a hurry. This secret recipe will make you sweat while you come back for more. But the mother of them all in terms of heat is our Extreme hot sauce. The name says it all.

If flavor is what you are looking for our Fiery Mango and Garlic Chili sauces are a flavorful twist on this fiery fun. We also offer a delicious homemade BBQ sauce as well as our delicious ranch and blue cheese dressings perfect for dipping.

Whether you order 6 or 60, we've got the perfect wing combination for you and family to enjoy! Read More...

Enjoy our daily flatbread lunch special

May 28, 2015
If you're looking for a fast, affordable and fresh lunch, look no further than Shooters. Every weekday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. we offer a delicious lunch combination that will keep your stomach and your wallet full. Choose from any of homemade flatbread pizzas and add your choice of soup or salad. Our flatbread is light, crisp and the perfect choice for a delicious lunch that will get you through the rest of your work day. We feature daily our homemade chicken tortilla soup as well as our homemade soup of the day. Or pair your flatbread with a delicious house salad.
If you love spinach, you'll love our Florentine flat bread. This Shooters original recipe features our homemade creamy artichoke dip as well as our house recipe bruschetta.

Creamy artichoke dip spread, fresh spinach leaves, cheese blend, house made bruschetta, shaved parmesan cheese, and drizzled with homemade pesto.

Or maybe you're in the mood for something a little more robust. Our Italia' flatbread is loaded with true Italian flavor. This flatbread features our homemade red sauce, Italian style meats and cheeses.

Rich house made red sauce, Italian style sausage, pastrami, pepperoni, roasted red peppers, and cheese blend.

Our original recipe Chicken Aioli offers a bold twist on chicken. If you are looking for something light and fresh, look no further. Pair with our house salad for a light and flavorful lunch combination.

Chicken Aioli
Honey garlic aioli sauce topped with tender chicken breast, crispy bacon, fresh bruschetta, and cheese blend.

Our classic Margherita flatbread is another light and refreshing lunch options. Drizzle with a little balsamic vinegar and your taste buds will think they've escaped to Napoli.

Homemade red sauce with fresh tomato slices, basil leaves, mozzarella ovalines, and drizzled with herb infused extra virgin olive oil.

Shooters has you covered for a quick, delicious hassle free lunch. Come on down and enjoy one of our delicious flatbreads or explore the rest of our lunch menu. We're sure you'll find something you'll love! Read More...

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