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Celebrate the History of St. Patrick's Day with our St. Patrick's Day Specials

March 17, 2014
March 17th is day where everything and everyone are shades of green and those who are Irish, and those who wish to be Irish, celebrate the holiday: St. Patrick's Day! For many, St. Patrick's Day is a holiday filled with celebration, where you will be pinched if you don't wear green, and where drinking is done, and done heavily. But did you know this holiday hailed from a religious tribute for the patron saint of Ireland, and has much deeper roots than just green beer? This history of St. Patrick's Day is a rich one filled with Irish culture, fun, and charm.

History of St. Patrick's Day
So just where does the history of St. Patrick's Day stem? Well, Ireland of course! The holiday originated as a religious day featuring a feast to commemorate the fallen patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, who first brought Christianity to Ireland. This day started out being known as “The Day of the Festival of Patrick”, but through the years has morphed into an easier name of St. Patrick's Day. The day was also in celebration of Christianity being accepted into Ireland. On this day, regulations on eating and drinking alcohol were lifted, making it acceptable to eat and drink as much as you wanted. 

History of St. Patrick's Day | St. Patrick's Day Specials | Rapid City Restaurant

Also daylong celebrations happened like parades, festivals, and wearing shamrocks. For those that eventually moved to America, celebrating their Irish heritage was important and St. Patrick's Day was the way to do it! The first official St. Patrick's Day parade held in America dates back all the way to 1762!

It's Not Easy Being Green
You better wear green if you don't want to get pinched on this holiday! Wearing green, especially shamrocks, falls right into the history of St. Patrick's Day. It is believed that Saint Patrick taught Christianity to the Irish by using a 3 leafed clover, or shamrock. The popularity of wearing green or shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day can be traced back to 1680, where the color green is a popular color for the country and can even be found on their national flag. Pinching has been common over the history of St. Patrick's Day and started when people believed that leprechauns would not be able to see you if you wore green. If you did not have green on they would ultimately pinch you. The pinching tradition rooted from those who were warning others about being pinched by a leprechaun. 

Those Little Green Men
Today leprechauns are recognized as those little rosy-cheeked men who have pots of gold at the end of rainbows. But in the history of St. Patrick's Day they hair from the sprites who liked to cause mischief in Ireland! These sprites were known for playing tricks on people, but for the lucky one who captured these little guys…three wishes would be granted!

History of St. Patrick's Day | St. Patrick's Day Specials | Rapid City Restaurant

A Tall Glass and Some Tasty Grub

Besides the always popular green beer, the drink of choice on St. Patrick's Day is the famous Irish stout, Guinness. According to Guinness, “On a typical day, Americans drink about 600,000 pints of the Dublin-based beer. But on St. Patrick's Day, about 3 million pints of Guinness are downed.” Now that's a lot of beer!

Want something to go with your drink? How about some traditional corned beef and cabbage? Cabbage has a deep place in the history of St. Patrick's Day and has been enjoyed throughout the years in Ireland. Corned beef was not popular until St. Patrick's Day was brought to America. 

Not sure what to do to celebrate the rich history of St. Patrick's Day? Why not come to your favorite Rapid City restaurant, Shooters Wood Fire Grill. We will be offering St. Patrick's Day specials all day long on both food and drinks! This Rapid City restaurant will be having St. Patrick's Day specials to celebrate this fun holiday and the spirit of Ireland. One of the St. Patrick's Day specials is a Rueben sandwich, fries, and Guinness for $9.99. The other two St. Patrick's Day specials are $2 Jameson Irish Whiskey Cocktails and $3 Irish Car Bombs! These St. Patrick's Day specials, from your favorite Rapid City restaurant, Shooters Wood Fire Grill, are sure to bring you the luck of the Irish! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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