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Winter Grilling Tips and Winter Grilling Safety Measurements

January 27, 2014
Just because the sun is not beating down, the kids are not swimming in the pool, or the temperatures have not reached record highs — but lows — does not mean that you cannot grill in the winter! Winter grilling can be perfect if you want to sink your teeth into the perfect steak or burger, but it does take special care. Following these winter grilling safety measurements and winter grilling tips, will not only have you munching on your favorite grilled recipes in no time, but be the perfect cure to the cold weather blues.

Winter Grilling Safety
Before striking up your grill in the winter be sure to take the proper precautions of winter grilling safety. One winter grilling safety tip is to make sure you are working with a clean grill. You should also make sure that everything is working properly on your grill such as the lid, burners, and gas lines. One way to quickly ensure there is no built up grease is by rubbing a raw onion on a preheated grill, which will prevent any flames from flaring up into your face or body. You should also clean off the outside of your grill and dust any snow off of the lid, to ensure it will work properly. 

Winter Grilling Tips|Winter Grilling Safety

Another winter grilling safety tip is to make sure your flames are burning blue not yellow. If the flames are yellow that means there is a blockage in your gas lines and you need to reposition your grill. Making sure your grill is in the proper position is an important winter grilling safety tip. You should also, only grill in places with proper ventilation, although it may be tempting to move the grill into warmer locations. By grilling in an area with open ventilation you are ensuring that you will not be breathing in toxic carbon monoxide. Your grill should also be positioned 10 feet away from your home, especially if your home has side or wood paneling in case the grill were to catch on fire. 

Winter Grilling Tips
Now that you have taken all the winter grilling safety measurements, now it is time to start grilling! Following these top winter grilling tips will have you eating your favorite grill recipes in no time. One winter grilling tip is to keep your lid closed the majority of the time! While it can be tempting to keep checking your meal, doing this only releases the heat and causes your food to cook improperly or slowly. Another winter grilling tip is to plan ahead. It can take almost twice as long to preheat your grill in the cold temperatures. Also, using a meat thermometer is a great way to ensure your meat is getting cooked at the proper temperature in the extreme cold weather. Another winter grilling tip is to focus on meal planning. Instead of cooking large pieces of meat, opt for smaller pieces since they will cook faster. The same goes for vegetables. Do your prep work inside in the warmth and avoid flipping food too much because it will make the meal cook longer.

Winter Grilling Tips | Winter Grilling Safety

Following these winter grilling tips and winter grilling safety measurements will ensure a successful grill time no matter the weather. Does winter grilling not sound like your thing? Stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill and sample some of our delicious recipes on the wood fire grill! There is something for everyone from steaks, to chicken, pasta, flatbreads, and more! 

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