Eliminate Food Waste when Dining Out

Did you know that 1.3 billion tons of food are not consumed globally every year? While that number may seem staggering, did you know Americans are the leading culprit, with 40% of food harvested in America never being consumed? Food waste in America has grown to be an epidemic problem and one that only continues to cause problems. April, is officially Earth month, and is dedicated to the upkeep and importance of recycling, reusing, and sustaining our Earth for generations to come. One area that needs to be improved on, not only during Earth month, but during all the months, is the amount of food waste in America.


You may be wondering, just why does food waste in America pose as a problem or even a problem for the world? First, having high quantities of food waste in America, equals to money going directly down the drain. In a 2012 issue paper from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) it was found that, “The average American family of four ends up throwing away an equivalent of up to $2,275 annually in food”. Not only are families losing money due to food waste in America, but so is the American economy. According to the Scientific American, “Approximately 2.5 percent of the US energy budget is “thrown away” annually as food waste. This is equivalent to the energy contained in hundreds of millions of barrels of oil. Instead of wasting food take steps, even if you eat out, to not waste any food!

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We need to take action together, not just during Earth Month, but during all the months to actively fight against food waste. Taking steps to eliminate food waste is easy. Even if you are eating out, you can help in the fight against food waste! Following these steps from your favorite Rapid City restaurant, Shooters Wood Fire Grill, will not only help the environment but can help the future of our world.

Leftovers and Freezing- Many times there will be leftovers to meals, especially with large restaurant portions. Instead of trashing them, eat them as leftovers later that day or take them to work as lunch. You can also learn great tips for freezing food, pickling food, or even canning food to preserve the food or meal until a later date.

Just Say No to Trash- Avoid throwing things away in your trash. Brought home leftovers but now don’t want them? Don’t pitch them! Instead see if you can share your meal with another family member or even a neighbor! Not only will it be a nice gesture, but you will be helping the environment and reduce food waste in America.

Eat What You Buy- Instead of ordering lots of food at a restaurant, order only what you know you will eat. Unsure of what you are in the mood for? Share your food, family-style, like in Asian countries. Order several small dishes and have everyone fill their plates. This will not only save money, but it will allow you to sample more things on the menu and take a stand against food waste.

These tips to eliminate food waste when you are eating out are easy to follow and can make a difference! Stop by Shooters Wood Fire Grill, your Rapid City restaurant for delicious food and tasty drinks! We promise, our food is so good…you won’t want to stop eating! For more information on Shooters Wood Fire Grill contact us today at 605-348-3348!