Fun cheeseburger facts to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day

We love food holidays. This month we are graced with National Cheeseburger Day on September 18th, which gives us a great excuse to eat one of our many delicious cheeseburgers. Shooters Wood Fire Grill features a wide variety of cheeseburgers, from the basic to the extravagant. But where did the cheeseburger come from? Here are a few interesting facts that you may not know about cheeseburgers for you to discuss with your friends while chowing down on a delicious Shooters cheeseburger.

  • Each year, Americans eat a whopping 50 billion burgers, or three burgers a week. That’s a lot of beef!
  • Hamburgers and cheeseburgers account for 71 percent of beef served in commercial hotels in the United States.
  • McDonalds sells 75 hamburgers a second.
  • While the hamburger was coined in New Haven, the cheeseburger claim to fame is found in Denver. Louis Ballast of Humpty Dumpty Drive was awarded the trademark in 1935.
  • The Jimmy Buffet song “Cheeseburger in Paradise” was first inspired by a boat trip that he took. The trip was hampered by bad weather and he was forced to eat nothing but canned food and peanut butter that was aboard the boat and he found himself craving a cheeseburger.
  • The most expensive burger sold in America is sold from the New York City food truck 666 Burger. The $666 burger is wrapped in a gold leaf, topped with lobster, caviar, truffles, foie gras, and aged gruyere cheese melted with steam from champagne poured on a hot griddle. The good thing is you get $300 back, as the burger comes wrapped in three greasy $100 bills.
  • The biggest cheeseburger ever was cooked by a Minnesota casino in 2012 and weighed 2,014 pounds. It required a special oven, a crane, and a special bun that had to be baked for seven hours.
  • During the First World War the U.S. Government tried to rename burgers as “Liberty Sandwiches” in order to promote patriotism and avoid using its original Germanic name.
  • Approximately 40 percent of hamburgers served in the United States contain cheese on them. A survey conducted at Red Robin stated that over 70 percent of their customers would like cheese added into the patty itself.

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