The History of Moose Milk

Moose MilkSummer heat is upon us and there’s no better way to celebrate than with deliciously frozen mixed drinks! With the sheer number of mixed drink recipes available, you may find yourself overwhelmed – where to start? We recommend you try a local Shooter’s favorite, the good old fashion Moose Milk recipe, and here’s why.

History of Moose Milk
Our friends to the North concocted this sweet Canadian treat, but the exact history of Moose Milk is widely unknown. With an onslaught of amusing anecdotes and reminiscent tales from our seasoned military friends, we decided to do some digging around to get the real scoop on the Moose Milk recipe.

As it turns out, the historical rich and creamy beverage was the result of a happy accident during World War II. Looking for a little joy in wartime, the Royal Canadian Air Force hosted a dance and soiree at Camp Borden. Entertaining a mixed crowd, the base Commanding Officer tasked Flight Sergeant Jack “Pony” Moore with creating a drink appropriate for female company with enough zing to provide the attendees a good time.

Frantically working to meet the Commanding Officer’s request, Flight Sergeant Pony crafted a punch of his own creation. The Moose Milk recipe (nameless at that time) was sweet and creamy enough to delight the taste buds but packed a hidden punch as it was made predominantly of rum!

Men and women alike praised the punch, delighting in its effects late into the night. It’s popularity prompted the Commanding Officer’s wife to ask Pony for the recipe for this mysterious drink. With a smile, Pony coined the term Moose Milk, reflecting his Canadian wit.

Today, the Moose Milk recipe is beloved nation-wide. It’s commonly served throughout Canada for everything from festival holiday parties to mid morning brunch. At Shooter’s, we’ve added to the history of Moose Milk, making the recipe our own for the delight of South Dakota locals and travelers of the Black Hills.

The Moose Milk Recipe
Feeling a bit thirsty? Enough about the past, let’s jump into the present! Just like any other recipe, the Moose Milk recipe can be found in all sorts of variations. We managed to scrounge up the original Moose Milk recipe, just the way Flight Sergeant Pony made it. But be warned – these directions produce enough Moose Milk to serve an army – literally. Okay, maybe not literally, but it sure is a lot!




Good Canadian Whiskey

Dark Rum


Maple Syrup

Milk (homogenized only – don’t use skim!)

Heavy whipping cream (not canned!)


12 – only use the yolks

40 oz

40 oz

5 oz

10 oz

40 oz

40 oz

1 cup


    1. Beat yolks until fluffy and completely mixed.
    2. Add the sugar and beat the mixture until thick.
    3. Stir in the milk and the liquor.
    4. Chill for at least 3 hours (preferably overnight).
    5. Whip the cream until good and thick. Don’t use canned whipped cream
      as it will go flat.
    6. Fold in whipped cream (it will appear as if it has totally thinned out, don’t worry).
    7. Chill for another hour.
    8. Sprinkle the top with nutmeg and cinnamon to taste (optional).
    9. Serve (when serving keep chilled because of the raw eggs.
      Normally this is not a problem, as Moose Milk disappears

To tickle your taste buds with the Shooter’s original take on this Moose Milk recipe and other adult frozen treats, come see us at Shooter’s Wood Fire Grill in Rapid City!